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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Bistable equation with discontinuous density dependent diffusion with degenerations and singularitiesDrábek, Pavel; Zahradníková, Michaela
2019Caccioppoli-type estimates and Hardy-type inequalities derived from weighted p-harmonic problemsChlebicka, Iwona; Drábek, Pavel; Kalamajska, Agnieszka
2021Comparison of main design concepts of auxiliary drives for DC catenary fed light traction vehicles: SiC JFET vs Si IGBT technologyBhajana, V.V.Subrahman. Kumar; Drábek, Pavel; Jára, Martin; Peroutka, Zdeněk
2021Complex design method of filtration station considering harmonic componentsKůs, Václav; Skala, Bohumil; Drábek, Pavel
2015Control algorithms for traction drive with high voltage matrix converters and medium frequency transformerPittermann, Martin; Drábek, Pavel; Bednář, Bedřich
2017Convergence to travelling waves in Fisher’s population genetics model with a non-Lipschitzian reaction termDrábek, Pavel; Takáč, Peter
2021Design and construction of high-quality capacitor for high frequency and power applicationZavřel, Martin; Kindl, Vladimír; Kavalír, Tomáš; Drábek, Pavel
2020Estimates on the spectral interval of validity of the anti-maximum principleBobkov, Vladimír; Drábek, Pavel; Yafdat, Ilyasov
2020Existence and multiplicity results for a class of semilinear elliptic equationsBobkov, Vladimír; Drábek, Pavel; Hernández, Jesus
2020An extended variational characterization of the Fucik Spectrum for the p-Laplace operatorDrábek, Pavel; Robinson, Stephen B.
2018Fredholmova alternativa pro p-Laplacian na vnějších oblastechDrábek, Pavel; Ho, Ngoc Ky; Sarkar, Abhishek
2015High voltage converter for purpose to minimizing of weight of traction transformerPittermann, Martin; Drábek, Pavel; Bednář, Bedřich
2019Implementation of FPGA and DSP combined algorithms for modular single-phase matrix converter with medium frequency transformer for traction drive applicationBednář, Bedřich; Drábek, Pavel; Pittermann, Martin
2020Improved bidirectional DC/CD converter configuration with ZVS for energy storage system: analysis and implementationBhajana, V.V.S. Kumar; Drábek, Pavel; Thumma, Rajesh; Makireddi, Ramana
2022Improved Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Assisted with an Active Resonant NetworkBhajana, V.V. Subrahmanya Kumar; Drábek, Pavel
2022Improved Non-Isolated Bidirectional DC-DC Converter Assisted with an Active Resonant NetworkBhajana, V.V.Subrahman. Kumar; Drábek, Pavel
2018Impulsive control of conservative equations and systems: variational approachDrábek, Pavel; Langerová, Martina
2020Influence of singular weights on the asymptotic behavior of positive solutions for classes of quasilinear equationsChhetri, Maya; Drábek, Pavel; Shivaji, Ratnashingham
2021Investigation of a bidirectional DC/DC converter with zero-voltage switching operation for battery interfacesBhajana, V.V.S. Kumar; Drábek, Pavel; Jára, Martin; Popuri, Madhuchandra; Iqbal, Atif; Babu, Chitti B.