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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
1998An efficient animation of wrinkled cloth with approximate implicit integrationKang, Young-Min; Choi, Jeong-Hyeon; Cho, Hwan-Gue; Lee, Do-Hoon
1997A new image warping technique using mesh patterned textileKang, Yong-Bin; Yu, Young-Jung; Cho, Hwan-Gue
1998A new rendering technique for water droplet using metaball in the gravitation forceYu, Young-Jung; Jung, Ho-Youl; Cho, Hwan-Gue
2011Photo Quality Assessment based on a Focusing Map to Consider Shallow Depth of FieldRyu, Dong-Sung; Park, Sun-Young; Cho, Hwan-Gue
2011Plausible and realtime rendering of scratched metal by deforming MDF of normal mapped anisotropic surfaceKang, Young-Min; Cho, Hwan-Gue; Kim, Sung-Soo
2000Real-time Animation Technique for Flexible and Thin ObjectsKang, Young-Min; Choi, Jeong-Hyeon; Cho, Hwan-Gue; Lee, Do-Hoon; Park, Chan-Jong
2000Real-time animation technique for flexible and thin objectsKang, Young-Min; Choi, Jeong-Hyeon; Cho, Hwan-Gue
2010A Simple and Effective CAPTCHA by Exploiting the Orientation of Sub-images Cropped from Whole-size PhotosChung, Woo-Keun; Ji, Seung-Hyun; Kim, Jong-Woo; Cho, Hwan-Gue
2010A User-Adaptive Image Browsing System with Summarization Layout for the Personal Photo CollectionsRyu, Dong-Sung; Jang, Chul Jin; Cho, Hwan-Gue
2009A visualization and management system for chat dialogues on 3D virtual avatarsJi, Seung-Hyun; Soo-Hyun, Park; Dong-Sung, Ryu; Cho, Hwan-Gue
1997A visualization technique for DNA walk plot using k-convex hullKim, Min-Ah; Lee, Eun-Jeong; Cho, Hwan-Gue; Park, Kie-Jung