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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Assessment of various computational approaches for airfoil stability analysis with two degrees of freedomBělohoubek, M.; Hajžman, M.; Vimmr, J.
2021Comparison of computational approaches for the efficient analysis of airfoil dynamicsBělohoubek, M.; Hajžman, M.; Vimmr, J.
2021Effect of multiple pantographs on their dynamic interaction with a catenary systemHajžman, M.; Bulín, R.; Očenášek, J.
2023Experimental identification of friction model parameters for selected materialsZavřel, J.; Šika, Z.; Hajžman, M.
2021Influence of various constraints in topology optimization of tensegrity structures using mixed integer linear programmingBulín, R.; Hrabačka, M.; Hajžman, M.
2019Interpolation of suspension kinematics for the purpose of vehicle dynamics simulationHoudek, V.; Verlinden, O.; Hajžman, M.
2023Modeling and implementation of joints in 2-D multibody dynamics considering chosen imperfectionsHrabačka, M.; Hajžman, M.; Byrtus, M.; Dyk, Š.; Bulín, R.; Smolík, L.
2022Modelling of gear couplings in the framework of multibody systemsBulín, R.; Hajžman, M.; Byrtus, M.
2022Multibody dynamics simulations of the railway vehicle for heavy loads transportHajžman, M.; Polach, P.; Polcar, P.
2019Multibody modelling and numerical simulations in drive train dynamics of road vehiclesHajžman, M.; Bulín, R.; Dyk, Š.
2022Non-uniform quaternion spline interpolation in vehicle kinematicsHoudek, V.; Verlinden, O.; Hajžman, M.
2021Research on the utilization of mechatronic tensegrities in roboticsPolach, P.; Šika, Z.; Hajžman, M.; Bulín, R.; Beneš, P.; Zavřel, J.
2019Self-excited and flow-induced vibrations of a rotor supported on journal bearingsPolach, P.; Smolík, L.; Rendl, J.; Hajžman, M.
2022Vibration analysis of a vertical rotor immersed in fluid at extreme operating temperaturesSmolík, L.; Bulín, R.; Hajžman, M.; Byrtus, M.; Rendl, J.