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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Complete regular dessins and skew-morphisms of cyclic groupsFeng, Yan-Quan; Hu, Kan; Nedela, Roman; Škoviera, Martin; Wang, Na-Er
2019Complete regular dessins of odd prime powerHu, Kan; Nedela, Roman; Wang, NaEr
2019Cubic Cayley Graphs of Girth at most 6 and Their HamiltonicityAboomahigir, Elham; Nedela, Roman
2022Cyclic connectivity, edge-elimination, and the twisted Isaacs graphsNedela, Roman; Škoviera, Martin
2018Density of singular pairs of integersNedela, Roman; Pomerance, Carl
2022Girth, oddness, and colouring defect of snarksKarabáš, Ján; Máčajová, Edita; Nedela, Roman; Škoviera, Martin
2021Isomorphisms of maps on the sphereKawarabayashi, Ken-ichi; Klavík, Pavel; Mohar, Bojan; Nedela, Roman; Zeman, Peter
2022Jordan-like characterization of automorphism groups of planar graphsKlavík, Pavel; Nedela, Roman; Zeman, Peter
2019On the Okinawa and Arakawa theorems for graphsMednykh, Alexander; Mednykh, Ilja; Nedela, Roman
2016Počítání hypermáp Jegoričovovou metódouMednykh, Alexander; Nedela, Roman
2019Reciprocal skew morphisms of cyclic groupsHu, Kan; Nedela, Roman; Wang, N.-E.; Yuan, K.
2020Recognizing and Testing Isomorphism of Cayley Graphs over an Abelian Group of Order 4p in Polynomial TimeNedela, Roman; Ponomarenko, Ilia
2018Regular dessigns uniquelly determined by a nilpotent automorphism groupWang, Naer; Nedela, Roman; Hu, Kan
2022Testing Isomorphism of Chordal Graphs of Bounded Leafage is Fixed Parameter TractableArvind, Vikraman; Nedela, Roman; Ponomarenko, Ilia; Zeman, Peter
2023The Weisfeiler-Leman Dimension of Distance-Hereditary GraphsGavrilyuk, Alexander; Nedela, Roman; Ponomarenko, Ilia