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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017Assessment simulation model for uncoupled message authenticationDoerr, Laurin; Fiala, Dalibor; Heigl, Michael; Schramm, Martin
2019Comparison of Energy-Efficient Key Management Protocols for Wireless Sensor NetworksDörr, Laurin; Heigl, Michael; Fiala, Dalibor; Schramm, Martin
2016Embedded plug-in devices to secure industrial network communicationsHeigl, Michael; Schramm, Martin; Doerr, Laurin; Grzemba, Andreas
2017Experimental assessment of FIRO- and GARO-based noise sources for digital TRNG designs on FPGAsSchramm, Martin; Reiner, Dojen; Heigl, Michael
2019A Lightweight Quantum-Safe Security Concept for Wireless Sensor Network CommunicationHeigl, Michael; Schramm, Martin; Fiala, Dalibor
2019On the Energy Consumption of Quantum-resistant Cryptographic Software Implementations Suitable forWireless Sensor NetworksHeigl, Michael; Dörr, Laurin; Schramm, Martin; Fiala, Dalibor
2021On the Improvement of the Isolation Forest Algorithm for Outlier Detection with Streaming DataHeigl, Michael; Anand, Kumar Ashutosh; Urmann, Andreas; Fiala, Dalibor; Schramm, Martin; Hable, Robert
2019A resource-preserving self-regulating Uncoupled MAC algorithm to be applied in incident detectionHeigl, Michael; Dörr, Laurin; Tiefnig, Nicolas; Fiala, Dalibor; Schramm, Martin
2021Unsupervised Feature Selection for Outlier Detection on Streaming Data to Enhance Network SecurityHeigl, Michael; Weigelt, Enrico; Fiala, Dalibor; Schramm, Martin