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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2008Active integral vibration control of elastic bodiesSmrž, Martin; Valášek, Michael
2007Criteria of benchmark selection for efficient flexible multibody system formalismsValášek, Michael; Šika, Zbyněk; Vampola, Tomáš
2007Experiments with redundant parallel calibration and measuring machine RedCaMBeneš, Petr; Valášek, Michael; Šika, Zbyněk; Bauma, Václav; Hamrle, Vojtěch
2008Input shaping control with reentry commands of prescribed durationBeneš, Petr; Valášek, Michael
2007Methods and tools for simplified dynamic simulations in real time based on expression approximationŠtefan, Marek; Šika, Zbyněk; Valášek, Michael
2007New active machine tool drive mounting on the frameŠvéda, Jiří; Valášek, Michael; Šika, Zbyněk
2007Reconstruction of the material parameters of the homogenous isotropic or orthotropic 2D continuumVampola, Tomáš; Šika, Zbyněk; Valášek, Michael
2008Stiffness reconstruction of 3D frame by reduced redundant measurementsGráf, Stanislav; Vampola, Tomáš; Valášek, Michael
2007Synthesis of dexterity measure of mechanisms by evolution of dissipative systemGrešl, Miloslav; Šika, Zbyněk; Valášek, Michael
2007System model reduction for MBS optimizationZavřel, Jan; Valášek, Michael
2009Tool center position determination of deformable sliding star by redundant measurementVampola, Tomáš; Valášek, Michael; Šika, Zbyněk
2014Using the Neumann series expansion for assembling Reduced Order ModelsNasisi, Salvatore; Valášek, Michael; Vampola, Tomáš
2007Vehicle lateral dynamics controlDrobný, Vladislav; Valášek, Michael
2008Vehicle lateral dynamics stabilization using active suspensionDrobný, Vladislav; Valášek, Michael