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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2014Anti-models: an alternative way to discriminative trainingVaněk, Jan; Psutka, Josef
2007A cohort methods for score normalization in speaker verification system, acceleration of on-line cohort methodsZajíc, Zbyněk; Vaněk, Jan; Machlica, Lukáš; Padrta, Aleš
2020Complexity of the TDNN Acoustic Model with Respect to the HMM TopologyPsutka, Josef; Vaněk, Jan; Pražák, Aleš
2013Covariance matrix enhancement approach to train robust Gaussian mixture models of speech dataVaněk, Jan; Machlica, Lukáš; Psutka, Josef V.; Psutka, Josef
2013A direct criterion minimization based fMLLR via gradient descendVaněk, Jan; Zajíc, Zbyněk
2009Discriminative training of gender-dependent acoustic modelsVaněk, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.; Zelinka, Jan; Pražák, Aleš; Psutka, Josef
2013Estimation of Single-Gaussian and Gaussian mixture models for pattern recognitionVaněk, Jan; Machlica, Lukáš; Psutka, Josef
2008An expert system in speaker verification taskZajíc, Zbyněk; Machlica, Lukáš; Padrta, Aleš; Vaněk, Jan; Radová, Vlasta
2011Fast estimation of gaussian mixture model parameters on GPU using CUDAMachlica, Lukáš; Vaněk, Jan; Zají­c, Zbyněk
2010Fast phonetic/lexical searching in the archives of the czech holocaust testimonies: advancing towards the MALACH project visionsPsutka, Josef; Švec, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.; Vaněk, Jan; Pražák, Aleš; Šmídl, Luboš
2012Full covariance gaussian mixture models evaluation on GPUVaněk, Jan; Trmal, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.; Psutka, Josef
2010Gender-dependent acoustic models fusion developed for automatic subtitling of Parliament meetings broadcasted by the Czech TVVaněk, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.
2012GPU accelerated real time rotation, scale and translation invariant image registration methodSah, Sudkahar; Vaněk, Jan; Roh, YoungJun; Wasnik, Ratul
2006Independent components for acoustic modelingTrmal, Jan; Vaněk, Jan; Müller, Luděk; Zelinka, Jan
2005Introduction of improved UWB speaker verification systemPadrta, Aleš; Vaněk, Jan
2016Leadership skills: A survey of companies to find out the most important leadership skills for organizational success.Vaněk, Jan
2014An open-source GPU-accelerated feature extraction toolMichálek, Josef; Vaněk, Jan
2004Optimization of features for robust speaker recognitionVaněk, Jan; Padrta, Aleš
2011Optimization of the Gaussian mixture model evaluation on GPUVaněk, Jan; Trmal, Jan; Psutka, Josef V.; Psutka, Josef