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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2017„A co když se to slije?“: vyrovnání se s výzkumným terénemBednárová, Lenka
2021A comparative analysis of the book and movie version of Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings.Vitoňová, Kristýna
2013A Comparative Analysis of Two Selected Translations of MacbethČerná, Kateřina
2015A Comparative Analysis of Two Translations of As You Like ItMačejovská, Jana
1995A Comparison of 2D Line Clipping AlgorithmsSkala, Václav; Kolingerová, Ivana; Bláha, Petr
2021A Comparison of Jane Austen's novel Pride and Prejudice and Its Film AdaptationNguyenová, Thi Quynh Anna
2021A Comparison of Television Series Sherlock with A. C. Doyle´s Sherlock Holmes NovelsNovotná, Barbora
2014A la recherche d’une terminologie grammaticale unifiéeKoláříková, Dagmar
2000A New Algorithm for Pyramidal Clipping of Line Segments in E3Skala, Václav; Bui, Duc Huy
2021A study of high strength steel mechanical behaviour during cold roll formingIbrahim, Khodr
2017A study of reciprocating compressor valve dynamicsVolf, Michal
2003A survey for methods for 3D model feature extractionHlavatý, Tomáš; Skala, Václav
2016A survey of English language needs and use in selected Czech businessesArmerová, Jolana
2014A survey of English language needs in Czech companiesPodlesáková, Simona
2020A survey of the evolution of czech immigration to the United States of America in the 20th - 21st centuryHumlová, Věra
2012A Tourist Guide of LondonKudrnová, Lucie
2012A Tourist Guide of Victorian London with English-Czech Dictionary of Key TermsVančurová, Lenka
2011A two-level approach to implicit surface modeling with compactly supported radial basis functionsPan, Rongjiang; Skala, Václav
2018AA- and ABA-stacked carbon nitride (C3N4): novel photocatalytic water splitting solar-to-hydrogen energy conversionAl-Jaary, Ali H. Reshak
2019Ab initio exploration and prediction of AE-containing nitrido(litho/magneso)tetrelates (AE = Ca, Sr; Tt = Si, Ge) with [Si2N6](10-) or [Ge2N6](10-) unitsNiklaus, Robin; Minár, Jan; Strobel, Philipp J.; Schmidt, Peter Josef; Schnick, Wolfgang