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Recent Submissions

Abduh, Latifah , Luma, Omar , Ivrissimtzis, Ioannis
Anomaly Detection with Transformers in Face Anti-spoofing

Transformers are emerging as the new gold standard in various computer vision applications, and have already been used in face anti-spoofing demonstrating competitive performance. In this paper, we propose a network with the ViT transformer and ResNet as the backbone for anomaly&...

Debski, R. , Schmitt, O. , Trenz, P. , Reimann, M. , Döllner, J. , Trapp, M. , Semmo, A. , Pasewaldt, S.
A Framework for Art-directed Augmentation of Human Motion in Videos on Mobile Devices

This paper presents a framework and mobile video editing app for interactive artistic augmentation of human motion in videos. While creating motion effects with industry-standard software is time-intensive and requires expertise, and popular video ef fect apps have limited customization opt...

Sommer, Alexander , Schwanecke, Ulrich , Schoemer, Elmar
Real-time Light Estimation and Neural Soft Shadows for AR Indoor Scenarios

We present a pipeline for realistic embedding of virtual objects into footage of indoor scenes with focus on real-time AR applications. Our pipeline consists of two main components: A light estimator and a neural soft shadow texture generator. Our light estimation is based&#...

Sandu, Roman , Shcherbakov, Alexandr
A Resource Allocation Algorithm for a History-Aware Frame Graph

We consider the problem of memory consumption by a real-time GPU-accelerated graphical application. A history of a resource is defined for a particular frame to be the final contents of such a resource at the end of the previ ous frame. When organizing a graphical a...

Ortiz Pablo, Dalia , Badri, Sushruth , Norén, Erik , Nötzli, Christoph
Bias mitigation techniques in image classification: fair machine learning in human heritage collections

A major problem with using automated classification systems is that if they are not engineered correctly and with fairness considerations, they could be detrimental to certain populations. Furthermore, while engineers have developed cutting-edge technologies for image classification, there is&#...