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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Theoretical Model of Electromagnetic Flowmeter, Verification and Sensitivity IncreasingAndreev, Andrey; Iatcheva, Ilona; Stancheva, Rumena
2013Combinatorial method for optimal sizing and placement of active power filtersLewandowski, Michał; Walczak, Janusz
2013Analysis of Cascaded Canonical Dissipative Systems and LTI Filter SectionsReit, Marco; Mathis, Wolfgang; Stoop, Ruedi
2013Application of Hybrid Boundary Element Method on Modelling of Hemispherical Ground InhomogeneityVučković, Dragan D.; Cvetković, Nenad N.; Slavoljub, Aleksic; Tasić, Dragan; Ilić, Saša; Krstić, Dejan D.
2013A Direct Power Injection Setup for the Susceptibility Measurement of Battery Management Systems Using a Battery Stack EmulatorVennemann, Thomas; Stegemann, Sebastian; Widemann, Christian; Werner, John; Mathis, Wolfgang
2013Iterative Solution of Multiphysics Problems with Software Agents Designed as Physics ExpertsJüttner, M.; Buchau, A.; Rauscher, M.; Rucker, W. M.; Göhner, P.
2013Multi-agent system based on Artificial Neural Network for terrain explorationKaroń, Igor; Kolanowski, Krzysztof; Majchrzycki, Mateusz; Świetlicka, Aleksandra; Gugała, Karol; Rybarczyk, Andrzej
2013Ferrofluid Force Enhancement of Electromechanical ActuatorPolcar, Petr
2013Particle Swarm Design Optimisation of Single Phase Permanent Magnet Brushless DC MotorCvetkovski, Goga; Petkovska, Lidija; Lefley, Paul
2013Analysis and design of phased patch array with a MoM solverWang, Yuanhao; Nietsch, Alexander; Berens, Michael; Mathis, Wolfgang