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Recent Submissions

Jankovská, Milena
Léčba nádorů hrtanu

This bachelor thesis deals with the treatment of tumors of larynx. In the theoretical part we described the anatomy, clinical symptoms, epidemiology, risk factors, classification, dia-gnosis, but above all it is focused on the treatment of cancer of the larynx. The research part of...

Choltová, Lenka
Vnímání sestry pohledem pacientů

In this thesis, we dealt with the issue of how patients perceive the appearance of the nurses. The theoretical part deals with basic theoretical knowledge in nursing, such as concept of nursing and the role of the nurse herself. It also summarizes theoretical knowledge about&#...

Tajčman, Jakub
Specifika péče o pacienta po intoxikaci jedovatými houbami v intenzivní péči

This bachelor thesis deals with specific care of the patient after poisonous mushroom intoxication in the intensive care setting. It is divided into theoretical and practical parts. The theoretical part is divided into three chapters. The first chapter focuses on the basic&...

Dicková, Dominika
Tvorba edukačního materiálu pro pediatrické radiologické vyšetření

This diploma thesis aimed to analyze the views of parents of pediatric patients on the care provided and to create educational material for them that can help them better communicate with pediatric patients during the examination. In the theoretical part, the individual imaging met...

Černá, Soňa
Radiodiagnostické zobrazovací metody při podezření na renální koliku

This bachelor's thesis on Radiodiagnostic imaging methods with suspected renal colic contains 2 parts, theoretical and practical. The theoretical part describes the anatomy and the physiology of kidneys and urinary tract, urine formation, renal colic and its therapy and at the last ...