Title: Návštěvnost portálů a míra využití jejich nástrojů a služeb: případová studie
Other Titles: Visit rate of internet portals and utilization of their tools and services
Authors: Černá, Miloslava
Poulová, Petra
Citation: E+M. Ekonomie a Management = Economics and Management. 2008, č. 4, s. 132-143.
Issue Date: 2008
Publisher: Technická univerzita v Liberci
Document type: článek
URI: http://www.ekonomie-management.cz/download/1331826696_fc45/13_cerna.pdf
ISSN: 1212-3609 (Print)
2336-5604 (Online)
Keywords: případová studie;komunikační kanál;internet;informace;portálové služby;průzkum
Keywords in different language: case study;communication channel;internet;information;portal services;survey
Abstract in different language: The proliferation of information and communication technologies has influenced nearly all areas of human activities. The Internet represents an unlimited space enabling publishing of current in- formation, supporting new channels of communication, storage of all kinds of documents and their subsequent processing corresponding to professional or personal needs. Space on the Internet with its extending services and sources is not limited; contrary to a person limited by time, skills or abilities, which are not taken into consideration in this case. This contribution deals with a case-study Visit Rate of Internet Portals and Utilization of their Tools and Services. Time spent in selected portals was one of the key aspects which was followed in detail. The survey was run in January 2008. The research sample consisted of twenty-five aca- demicians and sixty-five students from the Faculty of Informatics and Management, University of Hradec Králové. A portal is generally understood as a web server offering and providing a wide scale of services. The most portals cover as integral parts following services: classified information, searching tool, e-mail services, discussions forums, up-to-date news and advertisement. A portal is a living entity changing its content in a dynamics way. The core of the study was to find out how significant phenomenon the web-portal is at present; how much time people spend in portals aside from professional or nonprofessional reasons. The case study deals with research and comparison of time which informants from the group of stu- dents and from a group of academicians spend in selected types of portals. The other part of the study is focused on portal services; their range including frequency of use.
Rights: © Technická univerzita v Liberci
CC BY-NC 4.0
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Číslo 4 (2008)

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