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Recent Submissions

Antlová, Klára , Popelínský, Luboš , Tandler, Jindřich
Long term growth of SME from ICT competencies and web presentations

How to increase competitiveness of SMEs? How to improve Internet marketing strategy? Which competencies of employees are the most important for the long term company growth? How to educate the employees? How to improve information and communication (ICT) using? The an-�...

Draessler, Jan , Soukal, Ivan , Hedvičáková, Martina
Shluková analýza poptávkové strany trhu základních bankovních služeb

This paper is focused on the retail core banking services market. The demand side of this market is affected by the negative effects of the information asymmetry. European Union authorities are aware of that as they monitor the situation as well as they set&...

Wang, Kuan-Min
Does the permanent income hypothesis exist in 10 asian countries?

This paper applies a recent advance in panel analysis to estimate the panel cointegration and panel-type error correction model for a set of ten Asian countries using annual data covering the period 1950–2006. The study investigates whether the permanent income hypothesis&...

Šuldová, Alena , Cimler, Petr
How to assess experience: the new trend in research technique, use in nonprofit sector of entertainment and educational industries

This paper presents a pre-test research on the assessment of learning experience in a museum, developed for the particular purposes of science centers. This tool is a combination of two exis- ting frameworks for the assessment of learning: The MARVEL project from Austr...

Kaymak, Turhan
Group cohesion and performance: a search for antecedents

With the advent of more team based approaches in managing organizations the construct of group cohesion has gained in saliency as it has implications for both group and organizational performance, and also may positively influence individual job satisfaction. One can defin...