Title: Rizika odhadu úspěšnosti investice při alternativním scénáři vývoje ekonomiky
Other Titles: Risk estimation successful of investment by alternative script of development economy
Authors: Jáč, Ivan
Citation: E+M. Ekonomie a Management = Economics and Management. 2012, č. 2, s. 38-53.
Issue Date: 2012
Publisher: Technická univerzita v Liberci
Document type: článek
URI: http://www.ekonomie-management.cz/download/1379590785_bcc7/2012_02+Rizika+odhadu+uspesnosti+investice+pri+alternativnim+scenari+vyvoje+ekonomiky.pdf
ISSN: 1212-3609 (Print)
2336-5604 (Online)
Keywords: investiční projekty;finanční analýza;bankovní úvěry;leasing;ekonomický růst;recese;stabilní vývoj;národní ekonomika
Keywords in different language: investment projects;financial analysis;bank credits;leasing;economical growth;recession;stable development;national economy
Abstract in different language: The goal of the Article is focused on evaluating an investment project as a planned project. The first charter concerns a theoretical part, in which there are described a theory of decision making on investment, investment projects and their preparations and possibilities how to make a financial analysis by means of ratio indexes. Then there are listed theoretical possibilities, how to evaluate the investment project and possibilities how to finance the investments. The second chapter concerns the description of a company BETA s.r.o., the company∞s production schedule and its position in the market. In this part there are described the fundamental indexes of financial analysis in detail concerning the existing business of this company. In the third part of this paper there is an introduction of a planned investment project and examination of financial advantages of individual options by means of analyzing the ratio indexes of expected business development. There were analyzed 2 alternatives how to finance the investments by means of a bank credit and a leasing in comparison with supplier solution without a need of execution of investment. All of those alternatives were consequently evaluated on a model of the economical growth, recession or stable development of national economy. In the last part there are compared individual alternatives how to finance the investment project and there is a recommendation for optimal alternative how to execute the investment project. The analysis selected alternatives show for two possibilities of finance the investment project, bat the responsibility of this project stay by proprietor firm with the propability of risk achieve success a planned project.
Rights: © Technická univerzita v Liberci
CC BY-NC 4.0
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Číslo 2 (2012)

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