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Černohorská, Liběna
ANDER, Jan; TEPLÝ, Petr. Sovereign wealth funds in theory and practice. Karolinum Press, 2014.

Munk, Michal , Benko, Ľubomír , Gangur, Mikuláš , Turčáni, Milan
Influence of ratio of auxiliary pages on the pre-processing phase of web usage mining

Data mining belongs to the one of the important tools for Business Intelligence. It is a means to increase competitiveness of a company. Web usage mining is engaged in data mining of web server log file and it analyzes the user´s behavior on the web site. The fi...

Voříšek, Jiří , Pour, Jan , Buchalcevová, Alena
Management of business informatics model: principles and practices

Increasing requirements on the extent and quality of business informatics management have resulted in a development of various methodologies, models, frameworks and standards (e.g. ITIL, COBIT, ISO 20000, etc.). These methodological sources represent current best practices and include recommendations ...

Janke, František , Packová, Miroslava , Prídavok, Mojmír
Stock market reaction to ICT implementation: model based on comparison of developed and trasition economies

Companies are more productive, grow faster, invest more, and are more profitable when using Information and Communication Technology (ICT) more intensively. Several studies provided evidence that implementation of ICT into companies’ processes contributes to economic growth both on companies’ and ...

Honková, Irena
International financial reporting standards applied in the Czech republic

This article provides an extensive analysis of application of International Financial Reporting Standards companies with publicly traded shares in the Czech Republic for 2013. At first the attention is paid to the basic requirements of International Accounting Standards (IAS) and International&#x...

Plachý, Rudolf , Rašovec, Tomáš
Impact of economic indicators on development of capital market

The capital market is one of the most important elements of any healthy, well-functioning economy. The volume and value of executed capital market transactions are affected not only by the number of issuers and investor’s willingness to buy, but also by economic development in ...

Novak, Aleš , Šparl, Petra , Ažman, Slavko
Impact of customer satisfaction on financial results of car servicing companies: findings from Slovenia

In this study, we explore the applicability of a service profit chain concept for the authorized car servicing network of five European car brands in Slovenia. Under this concept, increased quality positively influences customer satisfaction, which in turn leads to better financial resu...

Rodríguez, Ainhoa , Reina, María Dolores , Rufín, Ramón
Relationship quality and exhibitor´s performance in leisure trade shows

This paper analyzes the roll of complaint management as a factor that may influence the quality of the relationship between the participants at leisure trade shows, the quality of these relationships being a relevant factor on business performance. Therefore, we study the quality&...

Jasinskas, Edmundas , Štreimikienė, Dalia , Švagždienė, Biruta , Simanavičius, Artūras
Influence of employees evaluation on organisational learning at leisure and sports clubs

Every organisation including leisure & sports clubs reach for their goals. People working at the organisation have to ensure the goals set were reached, and in order to control this process properly the evaluation of employees’ activity is necessary. The importance of employee...

Popesko, Boris , Papadaki, Šárka , Novák, Petr
Cost and reimbursement analysis of selected hospital diagnoses via activity

Accurately estimating the cost and reimbursement of individual patients and groups of diagnoses has featured in numerous research studies in recent decades. The ever increasing cost of healthcare services, in contrast with the limited resources available, means hospitals have to utilize more...

Růčková, Petra
Dependency of return on equity and use finance sources in building companies in V4 countries

The aim of the paper is to evaluate whether there is a functional dependency between the used financial sources and reported rate of return on equity in the selected sample of companies from the area of building of the Visegrád Group, and to do such evaluation on...

Jánošíková, Ľudmila , Gábrišová, Lýdia , Ježek, Bruno
Load balancing location of emergency medical service stations

When we want to design a successful and efficient emergency medical system, the crucial task is to determine the number of ambulances operating in a given region and the deployment of stations where the ambulances are kept. In the Slovak Republic, the number and locations ...

Sökmen, Alptekin , Bitmiş, M. Gökhan , Üner, M. Mithat
The mediating role of person-organization fit in the supportive leadership-outcome relationships

This study examines whether person-organization fit (P-O fit) would mediate the relationships of supportive leadership with the outcome variables of turnover intentions and job satisfaction. We collected data from a survey of 310 telecommunication employees in Turkey. Our results show that P...

Farkašovský, Vlastimil , Lawson, Colin William , Zimková, Emília
A debt sustainability analysis of the Czech republic and the Slovak republic: a non parametric approach

Surging public debt since the Great Recession has focused increasing attention on the issue of debt sustainability. This paper provides debt sustainability analyses for the Czech Republic and Slovakia by estimating their public debt to GDP, and primary balance to GDP ratios up unti...

Lau, Wee-Yeap , Lee, Chin
Testing the efficacy of information transmission: is equity style index better than stock market index?

This paper examines the ability of equity style to predict future movement of composite leading economic index in a multivariate Granger causality framework. By comparing the ef fi cacy of information transmission between equity style index and Bursa Malaysia...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15