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Houška, Jiří , Zeman, Petr
Role of Al in Cu–Zr–Al thin film metallic glasses: molecular dynamics and experimental study

The paper deals with the role of Al in thin film metallic glasses based on Cu and Zr. We employ a combination of molecular dynamics simulations of the atom-by-atom growth process with magnetron sputtering. We use the previously studied composition Cu0.46Zr0.54 as a starting po...

Entler, Slavomír , Ďuran, Ivan , Simonovský, M. , Řeboun, Jan , Turjanica, Pavel , Šobáň, Zbyněk , Sládek, P. , Viererbl, L.
Antimony Hall sensor testing at ITER and DEMO relevant temperatures

Measurements of the steady-state magnetic field of ITER and DEMO reactors will be performed by Hall sensors that will be part of the magnetic diagnostics. The sensors will contribute to the measurement of the plasma current, plasma-wall clearance, and local perturbations of the mag...

Závorka, Jiří , Lovecký, Martin , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Experimental verification of new neutron absorbers concepts

The presented paper describes experimental verification of the fixed neutron absorber for VVER-1000 fuel assemblies in the LR-0 zero-power reactor. This research determines the critical state parameters for fuel without these absorbers and for fuel with designed absorbers dedicated to the ba...

Dyk, Štěpán , Rendl, Jan , Bulín, Radek , Smolík, Luboš
Influence of detailed ball-and-socket modelling on tilting pad journal bearings dynamics

The paper focuses on local phenomena modelling in the ball-and-socket pivot of tilting pad journal bearings. It provides an in-depth analysis of the influence of nonlinear normal force and friction forces generated in the pivot on the dynamic behaviour of the bearing. Contemporary ...

Marek, Václav , Křížek, Michal , Kavalír, Tomáš
Study on cooling of high performance SIC features

High-performance electronic parts are vital features in almost all modern motorized machines. These silicon components are significantly minimised, especially in transportation branch. Concentration of performance requires perfect cooling conditions. A fluid flow cooling by an active cooling circuit with&#...