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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2013Estimation of deformation of the voltage in the power system supplying 12-pulse rectifierBrociek, Wieslaw; Wilanowicz, Robert; Filipowicz, Stefan
2013Neural Network Based Steel Melting Furnace Short Circuit Parameters IdentificationParanchuk, Roman; Paranchuk, Yaroslav
2013Analysis of linear stochastic dynamic systems of the n–th order of the method of momentsMazurkiewicz, Seweryn; Walczak, Janusz; Jakubowska, Agnieszka
2013An algorithm for finding multiple DC operating points using the concept of restart homotopyHałgas, Stanisław; Tadeusiewicz, Michał
2013Induction Motor Characteristics Taking into Account the Variations of Magnetic System PropertiesZagirnyak, Mykhaylo; Ogar, Vita; Svystun, Anton; Chenchevoi, Vladimir
2013The accelerated controlled cooling of products in the vacuum resistance furnace with mobile thermal insulationPogrebisskiy, Mikhail; Shageev, Emil
2013A numerical method for magnetic field determination in three-phase bus-bars of rectangular cross sectionPiatek, Zygmunt; Baron, Bernard; Jabłoński, Paweł; Szczegielniak, Tomasz; Kusiak, Dariusz; Pasierbek, Artur
2013The influence of arrangement of pernament magnets to rotation heating of ferromagnetic shrink-fitKoudela, Lukáš; Kotlan, Václav
2013Evaluation of the functional suitability of the device considering the technological parameters of random deviations from the nominal component aging processesStakhiv, Petro; Krepych, Svitlana; Bobalo, Yuriy
2018Vortex induced vibration of 1D beam-type continuaDyk, Štěpán