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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023A Magnetite Composite of Molecularly Imprinted Polymer and Reduced Graphene Oxide for Sensitive and Selective Electrochemical Detection of Catechol in Water and Milk Samples: An Artificial Neural Network (ANN) ApplicationMeskher, Hicham; Belhaouari, Samir Brahim; Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid; Hussain, Chaudhery Mustansar; Sharifianjazi, Fariborz
2023Nanocelluloses as sustainable membrane materials for separation and filtration technologies: Principles, opportunities, and challengesBarhoum, Ahmed; Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid; García-Betancourt, María-Luisa; Alibakhshi, Somayeh; Mousavi, Seyede Mohadeseh; Meftahi, Amin; Sabery, Mahshad Sadat Kashef; Samyn, Pieter
2023Simple Thermal Annealing-Assisted Direct Synthesis and Optical Property Study of CuO Nanoparticles Incorporated Polyvinyl Alcohol FilmsSingh, Ram Sevak; Patidar, Ram Dayal; Singh, Arun Kumar; Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid; Thakur, Kiran; Gautam, Anurag
2023Dielectric properties of nano-MMT and graphene quantum dots embedded poly (vinylidene fluoride-cohexafluoropropylene) nanocomposite filmsKumar, Y. Ravi; null, null; Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid; Kadlec, Jaroslav; Pasha, S. K. Khadheer
2023Recent Advances of MOF-Based Nanoarchitectonics for Chemiresistive Gas SensorsBhaliya, Jaydip D.; Shah, Vraj R.; Patel, Gautam; Deshmukh, Kalim Abdul Rashid
2023Adaptive Anderson mixing for electronic structure calculationsNovák, Matyáš; Vackář, Jiří; Cimrman, Robert; Šipr, Ondřej
2023Validation of space-wise GOCE gravitational gradient grids using the spectral combination method and GNSS/levelling dataPitoňák, Martin; Šprlák, Michal; Ophaug, Vegard; Omang, Ove; Novák, Pavel
2023Bioresorbable films of polycaprolactone blended with poly(lactic acid) or poly(lactic-co -glycolic acid)Dodda, Jagan Mohan; Azar, Mina Ghafouri; Bělský, Petr; Šlouf, Miroslav; Gajdošová, Veronika; Kasi, Phanindra Babu; Anerillas, Luis Oliveros; Kovářík, Tomáš
2022Brain data and driver's attention during simulated driveMouček, Roman; Brůha, Petr; Šnejdar, Pavel
2022On applications of brain-computer interfaceMouček, Roman; Vařeka, Lukáš; Brůha, Petr; Šnejdar, Pavel