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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023How competitive is SRI in developing financial markets: The case of Central and Eastern EuropeHernaus, Ana Ivanisevic; Zoricic, Davor; Dolinar, Denis
2023Investors’ reactions on the publication of integrated reports. Evidence from European stock marketsBădițoiu, Bianca Raluca; Ioan, Roxana; Munteanu, Valentin Partenie; Buglea, Alexandru
2023The effect of psychological contract, employer branding and job satisfaction on turnover intention: Organizational commitment as moderating variable at start-up IT companyAzmy, Ahmad; Wiadi, Iyus; Risza, Handy
2023The dark side of knowledge transfer: A visual analysis using VOSviewerWang, Yijing; Wang, Changfeng
2022k-ended O(m) x O(n) invariant solutions to the Allen-Cahn equation with infinite Morse indexAgudelo Rico, Oscar Iván; Rizzi, Matteo
2022Studium práv a profesní uplatnění žen ve vybraných státech Evropy a USA od konce 19. století do 30. let 20. stoletíValentová, Vendulka
2023ANOVA analysis for estimating the accuracy and surface roughness of precisely drilled holes of steel 42CrMo4 QTŘehoř, Jan; Fulemová, Jaroslava; Kutlwašer, Jan; Gombár, Miroslav; Harničárová, Marta; Kušnerová, Milena; Vagaská, Alena; Povolný, Michal; Valíček, Jan; Zatloukal, Tomáš
2023A Brief Survey of Clipping and Intersection Algorithms with a List of References (including Triangle-triangle Intersection)Skala, Václav
2022Fair execution costs?Maisnerová, Katarína
2022Doubling construction for O(m) × O(n) invariant solutions to the Allen–Cahn equationAgudelo Rico, Oscar Iván; Kowalczyk, Michal; Rizzi, Matteo