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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Principle of the least action in models and algorithms optimization of the conditions of the electric power systemLezhniuk, Petr; Komar, Vyacheslav; Teptya, Vira; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Fuzzy tuned PID controller for vibration control of agricultural manipulatorSatyam, Paul; Arunachalam, Ajay; Khodadad, Davood; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Analysis of instability generation of photovoltaic power stationRubanenko, Olena; Yanovych, Vitalii
2020Renewable energy generation and impacts on E-mobilityGundebommu, Sree Lakshmi; Rubanenko, Olena; Hunko, I.
2020Planning of the experiment for the defining of the technical state of the transformer by using amplitude-frequency characteristicRubanenko, Oleksander; Grishchuk, Maksim; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Assessment of the power quality in electric networks with wind power plantsGundebommu, Sree Lakshmi; Hunko, Iryna; Rubanenko, Olena; Kuchanskyy, Vladislav
2020Information support for the task of estimation the quality of functioning of the electricity distribution power grids with renewable energy sourceLezhniuk, P.; Komar, V.; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Influence assesment of autotransformer remanent flux on resonance overvoltageKuchanskyy, Vladislav; Rubanenko, Olena
2020Measures and technical means for increasing efficiency and reliability of extra high voltage transmission linesKuchanskyy, Vladislav; Satyam, Paul; Rubanenko, Olena; Hunko, Iryna
2020Determination of normative value power losses in distribution power grids with renewable energy sources using criterion methodGundebommu, Sree Lakshmi; Rubanenko, Olena; Cosovic, Marijana