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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021Structure turbulent flow behind a square cylinder with an angle of incidenceYanovych, Vitalii; Duda, Daniel; Uruba, Václav
2021Turbulent jet stability increased by ribs inside the nozzle – Stereo PIV measurement one diameter past the nozzleDuda, Daniel; Abrhám, Vladimír; Uruba, Václav; Yanovych, Vitalii
2021The structure of turbulent flow behind the NACA 0012 airfoil at high angles of attack and low Reynolds numberYanovych, Vitalii; Duda, Daniel; Uruba, Václav; Kosiak, Pavlo
2021Dimensional analysis parameters of turbulence in the wake of a square cylinderYanovych, Vitalii; Duda, Daniel; Uruba, Václav
2021Observation of flow structure past a full-stage axial air turbine at the nominal and off-design statesDuda, Daniel; Jelínek, Tomáš; Němec, Martin; Uruba, Václav; Yanovych, Vitalii; Žitek, Pavel
2021Particle image velocimetry measurement inside axial air test turbine - Effect of windowDuda, Daniel; Jelínek, Tomáš; Němec, Martin; Uruba, Václav; Yanovych, Vitalii; Žitek, Pavel
2021Wake width: Discussion of several methods how to estimate it by using measured experimental dataDuda, Daniel; Uruba, Václav; Yanovych, Vitalii
2021Dynamics of flow in a branching channelUruba, Václav; Procházka, Pavel; Skála, Vladislav
2021Experimental investigation of the unsteady stator/rotor wake characteristics downstream of an axial air turbineDuda, Daniel; Yanovych, Vitalii; Uruba, Václav; Žitek, Pavel; Milčák, Petr; Jelínek, Tomáš; Němec, Martin
2021Investigation of Low-Frequency Phenomena within Flow Pattern in Standard Mixing Vessel Induced by Pitched Blade ImpellerBrůha, Tomáš; Procházka, Pavel; Uruba, Václav