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Ben Salah, Fatma , Belhaouari, Hakim , Arnould, Agnés , Meseure, Philippe
A modular approach based on graph transformation to simulate tearing and fractures on various mechanical models

This paper introduces an extension of a general framework that allows the simulation of various mechanical models (discrete or continuous ones, for different kinds of meshes, in any dimension). This framework relies on a topological model and a rule-based language, that performs sub-gra...

Stamatakis, Dimokritos , Benger, Werner , Shrira, Liuba
Flexible navigation through a multi-dimensional parameter space using Berkeley DB snapshots

The concept of a visualization pipeline is central to many applications providing scientific visualization. In practical usage scenarios, when the pipelines fuse multiple datasets and combine various visualization methods they can easily evolve into complex visualization networks directing data flow.&...

Soares, Alan dos Santos , Apolinário Jr., Antonio L.
Real-time 3D gesture recognition using dynamic time warping and simplification methods

The recognition of dynamic gestures of hands using pure geometric 3D data in real-time is a challenge. RGBD sensors simplified this task, giving an easy way to acquire 3D points and track them using the depth maps information. But use this collection of raw 3D points ...

Lousada, Pedro , Costa, Vasco , Pereira, João M.
Bandwidth and memory efficiency in real-time ray tracing

Real time ray tracing has been given a lot of attention in recent years in the academic and research community. Several novel algorithms have appeared that parallelize different aspects of the ray tracing algorithm through the use of a GPU. Among these, the creation of Bo...

Gerrits, Tim , Rössl, Christian , Theisel, Holger
Glyphs for space-time Jacobians of time-dependent vector fields

Glyphs have proven to be a powerful visualization technique for general tensor fields modeling physical phenomena such as diffusion or the derivative of flow fields. Most glyph constructions, however, do not provide a way of considering the temporal derivative, which is generally nonzer...

Vintescu, Ana Maria , Dupont, Florent , Lavoué, Guillaume
Least squares affine transitions for global parameterization

This paper presents an efficient algorithm for a global parameterization of triangular surface meshes. In contrast to previous techniques which achieve global parameterization through the optimization of non-linear systems of equations, our algorithm is solely based on solving at most two li...

Nysjö, Fredrik , Olsson, Pontus , Malmberg, Filip , Carlbom, Ingrid B. , Nyström, Ingela
Using anti-aliased signed distance fields for generating surgical guides and plates from CT images

We present a method for generating shell-like objects such as surgical guides and plates from segmented computed tomography (CT) images, using signed distance fields and constructive solid geometry (CSG). We develop a userfriendly modeling tool which allows a user to quickly design such...

Mastmeyer, Andre , Wilms, Matthias , Handels, Heinz
Interpatient respiratory motion model transfer for virtual reality simulations of liver punctures

Current virtual reality (VR) training simulators of liver punctures often rely on static 3D patient data and use an unrealistic (sinusoidal) periodic animation of the respiratory movement. Existing methods for the animation of breathing motion support simple mathematical or patient-specific, esti...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 8 of 8