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Franc, Martin , Blahutková, Daniela , Neupauer, Eduard , Hečková, Petra
Výběr literatury ke kulturním dějinám za léta 2014–2016

Šimek, Rudolf
Mlynářská symbolika aneb 900 let mlynářského znaku

Fránová, Radka , Hanzelínová, Lada
Pomocné mezinárodní jazyky

The main goal of this study is to explain the historical context of origins and the place of international auxiliary languages among planned, perfect, philosophical, artificial, a priori, created, world, universal, and vehicular (contact) languages. Our contribution shows that although historical...

Mstowské stodoly – příběh jedné obce†

Recently also in the former Eastern Bloc countries started the interdisciplinary research of events from recent past years. In Poland, this procedure was applied in the research of relics of barns in the town Mstów town, where on the southern edge of the town were probabl...

Straka, Jan
Úsilí převora Heřmana Josefa Tyla o záchranu kláštera v Teplé 1946–1950

The paper focuses on developments in the Premonstratensian monastery in Teplá near Mariánské Lázně in the period after the World War II. This significant West Bohemian monastery had a reputation of a German monastery in the first half of the 20th century. After the War, T...