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Recent Submissions

Vašíček, Vojtěch
Monitorování vibrací oběžných lopatek parních turbín s využitím analýzy rotorového chvění

This dissertation deals in detail with diagnostics and monitoring of steam turbine rotating blades. Specifically, it focuses on the rotating blades of the last bladed wheel of the low-pressure turbine. Blades installed in this part are forced to vibrate at most due to their si...

Chaluš, Michal
Optimalizace hand-eye kalibrace profilového skeneru jako nástroje robota

Seam tracking systems are used for automatic guidance of welding robots. They have been developed for several decades and offer higher accuracy, robustness and time efficiency compared to the manual welding process. In addition, the knowledge acquired in this area is further transformed...

Kunešová, Marie
Speaker Diarization

The thesis focuses on the topic of speaker diarization, a speech processing task that is commonly characterized as the question "Who speaks when?". It also addresses the related task of overlapping speech detection, which is very relevant for diarization. The theoretic...

Picek, Lukáš
Určování biologických druhů ve volné přírodě s využitím umělé inteligence

This work contributes with novel computer vision methods and datasets for the automatic identification and localization of biological specimens in a natural environment (i.e. "in the wild"). With great emphasis placed on suitability and application in biodiversity monitoring, conservation, a...

Khalaj, Omid , Jamshidi, Mohammad , Hassas, Parsa , Hosseininezhad, Marziyeh , Mašek, Bohuslav , Štádler, Ctibor , Svoboda, Jiří
Metaverse and AI Digital Twinning of 42SiCr Steel Alloys

Digital twins are the most important parts of Cyber-Physical Systems (CPSs), and play a crucial role in the realization of the Metaverse. Therefore, two important factors: flexibility and adaptability, need to be focused on digital twinning systems. From a virtual perspective, constructing&#...