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Sosna, Daniel
Magnetism of strangeness: Silenced histories of landscapes

Why do certain parts of landscape become places for waste disposal? This simple question seems to be easy to answer given the existence of sophisticated tools for formal modelling of a range of environmental, economic, social, and political variables which are supposed to minimize&...

Vašát, Petr , Váně, Jan
Governed by atmospheres: Affect, materiality and everyday benevolence in homeless encampments during the COVID-19 pandemic

This article explores the operation of homeless encampments as a part of governance by highlighting the role of affective atmospheres. The COVID-19 pandemic and the imposition of lockdowns have seen the introduction of unprecedented measures into homelessness governance in Czech cities. Some...

Dirga, Lukáš , Prokopová, Hana
Open Prison Works: Sharing Experiences from the Czech Republic

It has been more than 4 years since the first Open prison was established in the Czech Republic. Although it is still largely a pilot verification of this format under Czech conditions, the first evaluations are already appearing. The aim of this study is to present ...

Kobes, Tomáš
The Maria Stock Pathway. On the building of memorial landscape in the West Bohemian Region

This article focuses on the building of a pathway that serves as a basic platform for remembering a forgotten pilgrimage site in the West Bohemian Region. It examines the building of the pathway as a transformation process from an original idea to the final form, which&#x...

Tovaryšová, Karolína , Řezáč, Karel
Postoje sociálních pracovníků k odlišnosti příbuzenských a nepříbuzenských pěstounů

OBJECTIVES: The thesis aims to find out the attitudes of social workers in the substitute care system to the differences between foster parents and kinship carers. THEORETICAL BASE: The theoretical base is perceived from current legislative, empiric, and theoretical knowledge of the sub...

Kaňák, Jan , Váně, Jan
Spiritualita seniorů – tematizace, identita a uskutečňování spirituality a její vazba s konstrukcí stáří

The aim of the text is to describe constructions of spirituality in the context of constructions of old age. From this description, possible implications for social work are drawn. The starting theoretical point is, in general, a constructivist framework. We understand spirituality in&#...

Váně, Jan , Kalvas, František
Peace Polls as a Source of Inspiration for Homelessness Research

In the present study, we aim to acquaint the public with the results of the research on those experiencing homelessness in the city of Pilsen, which is the fourth largest city in the Czech Republic. The significance of our contribution is in the application of the me...

Kaňák, Jan , Váně, Jan
Špatně oblečený císař? Výzkum spirituality v sociálních vědách, analýza metodologických přístupů

The presented review article is based on the context of clashes/encounters in spirituality and social sciences. It focuses on the framework of methodological considerations for the study of spirituality. The study aims to answer the question: What thematic units appear in the conte...

Růžičková, Veronika , Syrovátková, Štěpánka
Učební strategie studentů VŠ během distanční výuky - didaktická studie

The study is focused on learning strategies mastered by students of the study programme “Kindergarten Pedagogy” during distance learning of the two-term unit Music Education in Kindergartens and further used in the subject of DIMŠ1 (Didactics of Music Education 1). The aim of the&#...

Glajchová, Alena , Hlaváčková, Eva , Holá, Jana , Moravcová, Markéta
Job satisfaction of general nurses in standard and intensive care units: “The nurse is a jack-of-all-trades!”

New trends in providing healthcare are dynamically changing the field and increasing demands on healthcare staff. The adequate capacity and training of healthcare staff is considered an essential measure of the quality of the provided care. The shortage of health personnel is becoming&#...

Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava
Voices from Silence? Reflections on ‘Coming out’ in Socialist Czechoslovakia

The region of Central and Eastern Europe and oppressive social conditions in former socialist society often became symbols of the impossibility to articulate non-heterosexual identities under the conditions of a totalitarian regime. This study analyzes data from 19 in-depth interviews with p...

Štípková, Martina
Marital status, close social network and loneliness of older adults in the Czech Republic

The wellbeing of older adults is closely related to their social relationships. There is a well-documented association of widowhood with social isolation and loneliness, but less is known about the consequences of divorce. This paper focuses on the effects of divorce and widowhood ...

Řezáč, Karel
Quality of Life in the Time of Coronavirus from the Perspective of Social Work

The time of the coronavirus crisis has virtually aff ected every aspect of our lives. Nevertheless, the eff ects of the pandemic and related measures are most often discussed in the public sphere in the context of health and economic aspects of social life. Social work,&#...

Klik, Jan
cAbdalláh Bin Bajja (2018): Tanbíh al-marádžic c ala ta’asíl fiqh al-wáqic Dubaj: Masár li at-tabáca wa an-našr. 255 s. ISBN 978-994-820-833-4.

Klapetek, Martin
Tadeusz Majda, Agata S. Nalborczyk (eds.): Wpływ kultury arabskiej na sztukę polską: rzemiosło artystyczne, architektura i malarstwo. Tom III [book review]

Fritzová, Marie , Váně, Jan , Kalvas, František
Výzkum rozvoje klíčových kompetencí souvisejících s požadavky čtvrté průmyslové revoluce u vysokoškolských studentů na Fakultě pedagogické Západočeské univerzity v Plzni

The present study focuses on the phenomenon called Industry 4.0 and on research conducted at the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen, which assesses the readiness of students of the Faculty of Education to function in the so-called Society 4.0. The main research question of&#...

Kalvas, František , Váně, Jan , Basl, Josef
Postoj vedení strojírenských podniků v Plzeňském kraji k pracovní síle v kontextu zavádění Průmyslu 4.0

The article investigates the attitudes of the management of medium and large engineering companies in the Plzen region to their workforces, and attempts to estimate the extent to which the advent of Industry 4.0 (I4.0) poses a threat to ordinary employees. A questionnaire survey&#x...

Řezáč, Karel
The Concept of Capability Approach and Its Implications Strengthening the Humanity of (not only) Social Work

In today’s world we are increasingly confronted with the idea that success is expressed in numbers and material wealth. Deeper human values are somehow losing signifi cance and prestige. The risks of such a situation are obvious at fi rst sight. Those who are not economic...

Švantner, Martin
Inferring Ears: Cognitive Semiotics and Musical Anthroposemiosis

This paper draws attention to two important and fruitful anecdotes from history useful for the development of a cognitive semiotic approach to music. The first is from Peirce’s writings, describing a complete structural change of understanding, perception and listening to music. Peirce ...

Glajchová, Alena
"It is better to treat a Vietnamese woman than a Czech": Strange interactions between healthcare professionals and women in the context of perinatal care

The periods of pregnancy, childbirth and becoming a mother are some of the most important moments in a woman's life - and they are usually experienced within a healthcare institution. However, contact with the healthcare system during these periods can bring a number of di...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 53