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Recent Submissions

Radovanov, Boris , Marcikić, Aleksandra
Bootstrap testing of trading strategies in emerging Balkan stock markets

Most lately, the attention of technical trading analysis has shifted to emerging stock markets which collectively bring a signifi cant alternative source of opportunities to international investors. Accordingly, the aim of this paper is to investigate the effectiveness of four technic...

Řepa, Václav
Business system as an equilibrium of intention and causality

The article is aimed to draw the attention to the essential features of the business processes and business systems in the context of their modeling. We follow the root ideas of cybernetics in order to explain the concept of intentionality and its consequences in b...

Díaz, Estrella , Gómez, Mar , Martín-Consuegra, David , Molina, Arturo
The effects of perceived satisfaction with service recovery efforts: a study in a hotel setting

In the service industry, the importance of achieving the satisfaction of all involved agents is widely recognized. It is important to note that within the service sector, the hospitality sector involves a high degree of personal contact between hotel staff and customers, dur...

Szyszko, Magdalena
Measurement of inflation forecast targeting: a proposal of methodological solution

The paper offers a methodological solution to measuring infl ation forecast targeting (IFT). IFT is a central bank’s procedure which consists in: producing its own infl ation forecast, revealing its results and making interest rates decisions on the basis of the forecast. In...

Cyganska, Malgorzata
Analysis of high cost outliers in a polish reference hospital

The growing fi nancial problems of healthcare institutions contribute to the search of methods in properly distributing and clearly justifying resources. One of these is detecting outliers accounting for an important share of hospital costs. The aim of the study is to identi...