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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2016Zdeněk JINDRA – Ivan JAKUBEC et al. Hospodářský vzestup českých zemí od poloviny 18. století do konce monarchie Praha: Karolinum 2015, 2nd rev. ed. ISBN 978-80-246-2945-2, 524 pagesValkoun, Jaroslav
2016The emergence of a modern Pilsen and struggle of the Czech national party for the national emancipation of the czech majority in Pilsen in the latter half of the 19th century, using the Krofta family as an exampleMorávková, Naděžda
2016British policy in China and Russo-japanese rivalry in the Far eastKodet, Roman
2016Die ersten Jahre der tschechoslowakisch- -(west)deutschen Gesellschaft Peute Reederei GmbH Hamburg (1978–1980)Jakubec, Ivan
2016Ungarische Zivilisten von Klausenburg in sowjetische Gefangenschaft 1944–1949Murádin, János Kristóf
2016The position of Carpathian Ruthenia in the political system of the first Czechoslovak republic on thebBackground of the issue of parliamentary elections and preferences of main political currents by Carpathian-Ruthenian Voters (1918–1938)Tóth, Andrej
2016Justice, due process and the rule of law in Nigeria: the story of constable Thomas Shorunke, 1940–1946Rotimi, Kemi; Ogunyemi, Adetunji Ojo
2016Türkengefahr als Kommunikationsprozess: Perspektiven des „gemeinen Mannes“ in der ReformationszeitHille, Martin
2016Major motives in South African art in the first decade of the 21st centuryPawłowska, Aneta
2016Neglected past, gloomy future: reflecting on the contemporary challenges of economic development in AfricaAkubor, Emmanuel Osewe