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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Non-financial indicators in the valuation process – current trendsHálek, Vítězslav; Borkovcová, Anna; Hašek, František
2020Unemployment effects of greenfield and brownfield investments in post-transition European Union membersBayar, Yilmaz; Remeikienė, Rita; Žufan, Jan; Novotný, Miloslav
2020Assessment of logistics platform efficiency using an integrated delphi analytic hierarchy process – data envelopment analysis approach: a novel methodological approach including a case study in SloveniaBajec, Patricija; Kontelj, Monika; Groznik, Aleš
2020A DEA approach for performance assessment of call centre agentsMendelová, Viera; Strnádová, Petra
2020Impact of education and economic growth on labour migration in the European union. A panel data analysisIstudor, Nicolae; Dinu, Vasile; Gogu, Emilia; Prada, Elena-Maria; Petrescu, Irina-Elena
2020Importance sampling for monte carlo simulation to evaluate collar options under stochastic volatility modelLi, Pengshi; Li, Wei; Chen, Haidong
2020Technological and organizational innovation in warehousing process – research over workload of staff and efficiency of picking stationsKudelska, Izabela; Niedbał, Rafał
2020Financial capability and technology implications for online shoppingÇera, Gentjan; Phan, Quyen Phu Thi; Androniceanu, Armenia; Çera, Edmond
2020Managers of tourism companies can no longer expect any financial support from company owners: different working capital management due to the global financial crisisHeryán, Tomáš
2020Learning from the sales conversion rate throughout its product life cycle analysis: A case of study for the Spanish automotive sectorSaco, Manuela; Galiano, Aida; Rodríguez, Vicente