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dc.contributor.authorSokol, Petr
dc.contributor.editorGersdorfová, Zlata
dc.contributor.editorMenšík, Petr
dc.identifier.citationCastellologica bohemica 15. 2015, č. 15, s. 60-73.cs
dc.format14 s.cs
dc.publisherZápadočeská univerzita v Plznics
dc.rights© Západočeská univerzita v Plznics
dc.subjectPřimda (okres Tachov)cs
dc.subjectrománská architekturacs
dc.subjectnedestruktivní metodycs
dc.subjectlaserové skenovánícs
dc.subject3D modelcs
dc.titleZřícenina hradu Přimda – laserová dokumentace a trojrozměrný model donjonucs
dc.title.alternativeThe ruins of Přimda Castle – laser documentation and a three-dimensional model of the donjonen
dc.description.abstract-translatedThe ruin of the Přimda castle is one of the most important examples of Romanesque castle architecture in Bohemia, but specialist research into this construction has yet to match its status. Archaeological research conducted on the site, in connection with construction work, since the 1970s has been insufficient. However, since the late 19th century the castle has sustained damage caused by interference in the site and masonry, without archaeological supervision and due heritage care. Views on the origin, form and importance of the castle have been influenced by outdated findings and appear problematic. Likewise, Přimda lacks updated documentation. This situation has triggered the revision, updating and supplementation of the castle complex documentation. The main objective was the application of various documentation methods enabling the acquisition and preservation of available information. The article presents a making of a three-dimensional (3D) model on the basis of the laser scanning of the donjon and several patches of the nearby terrain in the ruins of Přimda Castle. This constitutes a component part of documentary and prospecting works carried out since 2012. With regard to the significance of the donjon, its documentation has so far especially lacked up-to-date background information for any analysis of that landmarken
dc.subject.translatedPřimda (Tachov district)en
dc.subject.translatedromanesque architectureen
dc.subject.translatednon-destructive methodsen
dc.subject.translatedlaser scanningen
dc.subject.translated3D modelen
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Ročník 15 (2015)

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