Katedra veřejné správy / Department of Public Administration


Recent Submissions

Vítovcová, Klára
"Krajské volby v Plzeňském kraji v letech 2000-2020"

The aim of this thesis is to outline the development of regional elections in the Pilsen Region in the period between 2000-2020 and it primarily focuses on the region, elections and issues of small municipalities. The thesis focuses on both general concepts and the results...

Pazderová, Kateřina
Pracovní podmínky a jejich vliv na výkon zaměstnance

This bachelor thesis focuses on working conditions and their impact on employee performance. It defines the basic concepts related to the legal regulation of working conditions in the context of employee care, discusses occupational health and safety, describes working hours and environment,...

Kupková, Kateřina
Ochrana informací v činnosti správních orgánů

This bachelor´s thesis deals with the protection of information within the activities of administrative authorities. It defines the legal obligation of administrative authorities to provide information. At the same time, it deals with the protection of data from misuse.

Šizlingová, Petra
Bezdomovectví a squatting

This bachelor's thesis focuses on the issue of homelessness and squatting and its solution in the form of regulation and solutions of state and non-state non-profit organizations. The practical part is carried out at the low-threshold facility Domov sv. Františka belonging to the&#x...

Sikyta, Michal
Zachování venkova a možnosti jejich vývoje

The author of the bachelor thesis focused on a specific rural unit, the village of Chlumčany. The thesis maps the gradual retreat from the countryside as such through the development of services, development areas or, for example, better road access to the village. From the&#x...