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Recent Submissions

Kazda, Václav
Numerické modelování chlazení kontejneru na vyhořelé palivo

The diploma thesis is focused on the modeling and simulating of heat transfer in the insulated steel segment of the OS Škoda 440/84 container and free convection in its surroundings. The results were compared with a real experiment and more simulations were performed to m...

Abrhám, Vladimír
Studium vlivu modelové eroze náběžné hrany lopatky na strukturu proudění v úplavu metodou PIV

The thesis contains a description and experimental investigation of the effect of leading edge erosion using the PIV method. Three NACA 0012 airfoil models were manufactured using 3D printing, each with a different level of damage. These models were scanned and utilized for measure...

Hlaváč, Jiří
Dvoutělesová parní turbína malého výkonu

Goal of this diploma thesis is to design high speed steam turbine with three-axis gear box for refinery to match desired parameters. There are two modes in scope: condensate and extraction. Main focus of this thesis is reaching maximal thermal efficiency.

Frank, Jiří
Návrh systému chlazení a topení pro mlžnou komoru

This thesis contains the design of the cooling system of the cloud chamber. It includes the structural design of the visual space of the cloud chamber and the calculation of the cooling loop cycle with its economic evaluation. This cloud chamber is planned to be built...

Brčák, Jan
Vysokootáčková turbína s odpojitelným NT dílem

The aim of this thesis is to design a high-speed steam turbine with detachable LP part for specified parameters. The thesis includes the design procedure of the HP and LP part of the high-speed turbine, including strength calculations. The work includes a longitudinal section ...