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Recent Submissions

Pytlová, Kateřina
Deskriptory bolesti v ambulantní rehabilitační péči

The theoretical part of the bachelor's thesis gives a general overview of pain and its aspects, focusing on common painful conditions in outpatient care. It describes methods for assessing and objectifying pain, as well as possibilities for analgesia. In the practical p...

Pařízková, Lenka
Sledování účinku respiračního handlingu

This bachelor work deals with effects of respiratory handling on children younger than 1 year with respiratory disorders. It focuses on effects of respiratory handling on saturation, respiratory rate and heart rate. The theoretical part deals with developing of breathing, physiology of ...

Procházka, Miroslav
Prvky senzomotorické stimulace v jednotlivých stádiích distorze hlezna

In the bachelor's thesis, we first deal with the theoretical basis of the ankle joint as such, we describe its structure, meaning, cooperation or function of the foot itself. Furthermore, we focus on the issue of injuries of the ligamentous apparatus of the ankle joint,&#x...

Kleinertová, Viktorie
Sledování vztahu funkce pánevního dna a aktivity hlubokého stabilizačního systému páteře

The content of this bachelor's thesis is an examination of the possibilities of testing or measuring a deep stabilization system. Theoretical part of the thesis contains knowledge about the function of the pelvic floor and detailed description of the deep stabilization system of...

Slepička, Jan
Organizace fyzioterapeutického pracoviště v lázeňských zařízeních

This Bachelor thesis aims to provide a description of selected physiotherapeutic depart-ments, functioning within the spa resorts in the Czech Republic. The theoretical part of-fers general information regarding the complex spa treatment, involving not only balneo-therapy, but also physical therapy,&#...