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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Steady Stokes flow of a non-Newtonian Reiner-Rivlin fluid streaming over an approximate liquid spheroidJaiswal, Bharat Raj
2020Local adaptive refinement method applied to solid mechanicsDaridon, Loic; Delaume, Eric; Monerie, Yann; Perales, Frédéric
2020Development of an artificial neural network model for estimating the radius ratio of a one-layered cylindrical shellKhandouch, Younes; Aassif, El Houcein; Agounad, Said; Maze, Gérard
2021Interaction of a finite crack with shear waves in an infinite magnetoelastic mediumPanja, Sourav Kumar; Mandal, Subhas Chandra
2020Longitudinal fracture of inhomogeneous beams with material non-linearity: An analytical investigationRizov, Victor
2021The effects of the printing direction and UV artificial degradation on the mechanical properties using AM PolyJet technologyMatušů, Martin; Blaha, David; David, Petr; Padovec, Zdeněk; Růžička, Pavel; Řezníček, Jan; Růžička, Milan
2020Steady-state linear harmonic vibrations of multiple-stepped Euler-Bernoulli beams under arbitrarily distributed loads carrying any number of concentrated elementsKlanner, Michael; Katrin, Ellermann
2021Influence of input parameters in radial compressor design algorithm on the efficiency and its sensitivity analysisKovář, Patrik; Kaňka, Tomáš; Mačák, Pavel; Tater, Adam; Vampola, Tomáš
2021Behavior of high-density polyethylene at high strain ratesTrnka, Jan; Nezbedová, Eva; Kober, Jan; Buchar, Jaroslav
2020Generalized modal reduction method for the dynamic analysis ofrotating mechanical systemsZeman, Vladimír; Hlaváč, Zdeněk