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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2010Disparity obcí v oblasti poskytování informacíBachmann, Pavel
2015Effectiveness of the monetary policy implementation in the context of crisis: use of short-term interest rate in the Czech republic and the EMUBartóková, Ľudmila; Ďurčová, Júlia
2019The level of organizational culture as a constant challenge for company management – an empirical research in the Czech Republic and PolandSokolova, Marcela; Zubr, Václav; Cierniak-Emerych, Anna; Dziuba, Szymon T.
2016The Toyota production system: czech and nippon cultural perspectivesBrunet-Thornton, Richard; Koža, Michal; Bureš, Vladimír
2018Evaluation of the usability of selected innovation concepts for managing innovation activitiesPeterková, Jindra; Zapletalová, Šárka
2018Mandatory CCCTB implementation in the Eurozone and its impact on corporate tax revenues in the Czech republicNerudová, Danuše; Solilová, Veronika
2015Perspectives of talent management: evidence from czech and slovak business organisationsEgerová, Dana; Lančarič, Drahoslav; Eger, Ludvík; Savov, Radovan
2017Digital transparency in the public sector: case study Czech republicMohelská, Hana; Sokolová, Marcela
2015Impact of environmental taxes on sustainable energy development in baltic states, Czech republic and SlovakiaŠtreimikienė, Dalia
2019The influence of foreign direct investment and public incentives on the socio-economic development of regions: an empirical study from the czech republicHlaváček, Petr; Janáček, Julius