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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2023Design and Operation Optimization of a Nuclear Heat-Driven District Cooling SystemAbushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale; Burian, Ondřej; Škoda, Radek
2020Design and optimization of non-supercritical CO2 thermal power cycle for "P2H2P" energy storage systemBurian, Ondřej; Škoda, Radek
2020Development of neutron source for nuclear power plant decommissioningKlímek Gincelová, Kristýna; Lovecký, Martin; Škoda, Radek
2022Economics of reusing spent nuclear fuel by Teplator for district heating applicationsAbushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale; Mašata, David; Müller, Michael; Škoda, Radek
2019Enhanced nuclear safety of spent fuelZávorka, Jiří; Lovecký, Martin; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2021Evaluating the TEPLATOR concept as a nuclear heating solution compared with other alternatives in the Czech RepublicAbushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek; Mašata, David
2019Ex-core neutron flux monitoring system in graphite prism for gen. IV reactorsFořtová, Anna; Závorka, Jiří; Škoda, Radek
2023Experimental verification of new neutron absorbers conceptsZávorka, Jiří; Lovecký, Martin; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2019Feasibility of using erbium as burnable poison in VVER-1000 fuel assemblyZávorka, Jiří; Lovecký, Martin; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2023Fixed neutron absorbers for improved nuclear safety and better economics in nuclear fuel storage, transport and disposalLovecký, Martin; Závorka, Jiří; Jiřičková, Jana; Ondráček, Z.; Škoda, Radek
2018Fuel pebble optimizationZávorka, Jiří; Lovecký, Martin; Škoda, Radek
2019Impact of burnable absobers on nuclear data uncertainty analysis for fuel assembly depletionLovecký, Martin; Závorka, Jiří; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2020Increasing efficiency of nuclear fuel using burnable absorbersLovecký, Martin; Závorka, Jiří; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2020Natural uranium as alternative fuel for TEPLATORPeltan, Tomáš; Vilímová, Eva; Škoda, Radek
2020Neutron absorber for VVER-1000 final disposal caskLovecký, Martin; Závorka, Jiří; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2021Neutron absorber for VVER-1000 storage, transport and final disposal facilitiesLovecký, Martin; Závorka, Jiří; Klímek Gincelová, Kristýna; Jiřičková, Jana; Škoda, Radek
2022Nuclear energy for district cooling systems - Novel approach and its eco-environmental assessment methodAbushamah, Hussein Abdulkareem Sale; Škoda, Radek
2021Position evaluation of ex-core neutron flux measurement in new type graphite reactorsVilímová, Eva; Peltan, Tomáš; Škoda, Radek
2021Potential of serpent-openFOAM coupled codes for spent nuclear fuel analysisKořínek, Tomáš; Závorka, Jiří; Lovecký, Martin; Škoda, Radek
2021The potential of the TEPLATOR application in the central europe regionMašata, David; Škoda, Radek; Noháčová, Lucie