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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2021A Control System for Automated Evaluation and Tuning of ASIC ParametersHudec, Adam; Ravasz, Richard; Arbet, Daniel; Stopjaková, Viera
2018Digital Calibration of Operational Amplifiers and Influence of Calibration CircuitryŠovčík, Michal; Stopjaková, Viera; Arbet, Daniel; Nagy, Lukáš; Kováč, Martin
2018Energy Monitoring Platform for Smart Grid ApplicationsBrenkuš, Juraj; Stopjaková, Viera; Slávik, Miroslav
2020Experimental Verification of a Ultra-Low Voltage Charge PumpRavasz, Richard; Kováč, Martin; Stopjaková, Viera
2020Feasibility study towards increasing efficiency of fully on-chip DC-DC boost converterOndica, Róbert; Arbet, Daniel; Kováč, Martin; Stopjaková, Viera
2018New Input Offset Voltage Measurement Setup for Ultra Low-Voltage Fully Differential AmplifierPotočný, Miroslav; Šovčík, Michal; Arbet, Daniel; Stopjaková, Viera; Kováč, Martin
2018Non-isolated AC/DC Energy Converter for Smart Grid Sensor NodesBrenkuš, Juraj; Stopjaková, Viera; Chovanec, Jakub; Lachkovič, Ján
2017Performance analysis of monolithically integrated depletion-/enhancement-mode InAlN/GaN heterostructure HEMT transistorsNagy, Lukáš; Chvála, Aleš; Stopjaková, Viera; Blaho, Michal; Kuzmík, Ján; Gregušová, Dagmar; Šatka, Alexander
2017A real-time method for smoke detection in monitored forest areasSedlák, Vladimír; Stopjaková, Viera; Brenkuš, Juraj
2016Towards automatic gain control low-power amplifier in 130 nm CMOS technologyNagy, Lukáš; Arbet, Daniel; Kováč, Martin; Stopjaková, Viera