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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2007Converting RGB Volume Data to Scalar Fields for Segmentation PurposesIvanovska, Tetyana; Linsen, Lars
2013Efficient Removal of Inconsistencies in Large Multi-Scan Point CloudsKanzok, Thomas; Süß, Falk; Linsen, Lars; Rosenthal, Paul
2013Frequency-based Progressive Rendering of Continuous ScatterplotsMolchanov, Vladimir; Fofonov, Alexey; Linsen, Lars
2018Generation of implicit flow representations for interactive visual exploration of flow fieldsMolchanov, Vladimir; Linsen, Lars
2013A GPGPU-based Pipeline for Accelerated Rendering of Point CloudsGünther, Christian; Kanzok, Thomas; Linsen, Lars; Rosenthal, Paul
2010Interactive Image-space Point Cloud Rendering with Transparency and ShadowsDobrev, Petar; Rosenthal, Paul; Linsen, Lars
2007Inverse Modeling and Animation of Growing Single-stemmed Trees at Interactive RatesRudnick, Steffen; Linsen, Lars; McPherson, E. Gregory
2005Multiple Transparent Material-enriched IsosurfacesKanodia, Ravindra L.; Linsen, Lars; Hamann, Bernd
2010A Narrow Band Level Set Method for Surface ExtractionRosenthal, Paul; Molchanov, Vladimir; Linsen, Lars
2012On global MDL-based multichannel image restoration and partitioningIvanovska, Tetyana; Hahn, Horst K.; Linsen, Lars
2020Smooth Map Deformation Using Integral ImagesMolchanov, Vladimir; Linsen, Lars
2007Splat-based ray tracing of point cloudsLinsen, Lars; Müller, Karsten; Rosenthal, Paul
2012A survey of cloud lighting and rendering techniquesKanzok, Thomas; Linsen, Lars; Rosenthal, Paul
2005Tree growth visualizationLinsen, Lars; Karis, Brian J.; McPherson, E. Gregory; Hamann, Bernd
2015Visual encoding of automatic identification system (AIS) data for radar systemsLast, Philipp; Hering-Bertram, Martin; Jung, Thomas; Linsen, Lars
2014Visual exploration of patterns in multi-run time-varying multi-field simulation data using projected viewsMolchanov, Vladimir; Linsen, Lars