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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Active IR Thermography Evaluation of Coating Thickness by Determining Apparent Thermal EffusivityMoskovchenko, Alexey; Vavilov, V. P.; Švantner, Michal; Muzika, Lukáš; Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka
2021Analysis of flash pulse thermographic inspection parameters for quantitative measurementŠvantner, Michal; Muzika, Lukáš; Moskovchenko, Alexey
2022Analyzing probability of detection as a function of defect size and depth in pulsed IR thermographyMoskovchenko, Alexey; Švantner, Michal; Vavilov, Vladimir; Chulkov, Arsenii
2021Characterizing Depth of Defects with Low Size/Depth Aspect Ratio and Low Thermal Reflection by Using Pulsed IR ThermographyMoskovchenko, Alexey; Švantner, Michal; Vavilov, Vladimir P.; Chulkov, Arsenii O.
2021Coating thickness evaluation by thermographic apparent effusivity methodMoskovchenko, Alexey; Švantner, Michal; Muzika, Lukáš; Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka
2020Detecting Delaminations in Semitransparent Glass Fiber Composite by Using Pulsed Infrared ThermographyMoskovchenko, Alexey; Vavilov, V. P.; Bernegger, Raphael; Maierhofer, Christiane; Chulkov, Arsenii O.
2022Infrared thermographic method for depth characterization of low size/depth aspect ratio defects in metal partsMoskovchenko, Alexey; Švantner, Michal; Muzika, Lukáš
2023A method and apparatus for inspecting large flat composite parts by using the Infrared LST techniqueChulkov, Arsenii; Vavilov, Vladimir; Nesteruk, Denis; Burleigh, Douglas; Moskovchenko, Alexey
2022Repeatability study of flash-pulse thermographic inspection of carbon-fiber composite samplesŠvantner, Michal; Muzika, Lukáš; Moskovchenko, Alexey; Pereira, Celeste M. C.; Das, Shumit