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Recent Submissions

Doležal, Michal
Odpovědnost prezidenta České republiky

The goal of my work was to analyze the concept of responsibility of the president of the republic and explain how responsibility arises and what its consequences are. Responsibility is a concept that has many levels and aspects that affect it.

Klingerová, Štěpánka
Péče o dítě v pojetí soudní judikatury

Child care in the concept of court jurisprudence is an issue that is quite current and will always be current. This is a widespread issue that can affect anyone. The work approaches this issue from both a theoretical and a practical point of view.

Kroftová, Jana
Zásada legislativního procesu v nestandartních situacích

The thesis examines the principle of the legislative process during non-standard situations. The thesis focuses on the definition of extraordinary states and non-standard situations, as well as on the definition of the legislative process and, based on these outputs, assesses changes in ...

Turnhöfer, Pavel
Vývoj a změny Ústavy v souvislosti s obsazením postů nejvyšších ústavních činitelů.

The thesis describes the changes to the Constitution that occurred in connection with the occupation of the posts of the highest constitutional officials. The thesis examines how much influence the previous presidents Václav Havel, Václav Klaus, and Miloš Zeman had on understanding the&...

Hůla, Filip
Ústavní limity zásahů do osobní svobody jednotlivce

This diploma thesis deals with the Constitutional limits of interference with the personal freedom of an individual. For this purpose, it is divided into four chapters, with the first chapter devoted to the concepts of personal freedom and deprivation of personal freedom. Above all...