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Dražan, Jiří
Určení činitele elektromotorické síly bezkartáčového stejnosměrného stroje

This master thesis focuses on creation of an algorithm for computation of back electromotive force factor in brushless direct current motor. There are topologies and basic principles of such a motor discussed in the first part of this thesis for better understanding of the alg...

Skalický, Martin
Software pro výpočet oteplení synchronních strojů s PM

The master thesis is focused on creation of thermal model of permanent magnet synchronous motor and it's implementation as software in computing environment MATLAB. Due to introduction of submodels, universal model was created, which includes variety of permanent magnet topologies. Model ...

Leffler, Jan
Návrh a realizace online diagnostického systému

This submitted diploma thesis deals with the problematics of the design and realization of an online diagnostic system for diagnostic signals monitoring. The theoretical part was elaborated in accordance with technical literature. First, materials for functional and construction purposes of elect...

Krýsl, Pavel
Konstrukce trakčního střídače

This thesis focuses on design and construction of voltage inverter for front traction of electric formula car, built at University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. Front traction system consist of these two inverters for both electric motors wheels, where front axle contains two inverter...

Novotný, Jakub
Řízení pohonu s lineárním motorem

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the solution of a simulation study of a linear motor drive. This work is based on a study for the practical implementation of the drive, which will be used in a training simulator. The work is a theoretical analysis&#...

Benek, Josef
Návrh pulzního měniče pro napájení elektromagnetické levitace

The master thesis follows up the bachelor's thesis "Use of magnetic levitation". From the previous work, the theoretical calculations were used for the overall design of a DC/DC step-down converter, which will control the electromagnetic levitation. This work describes the issu...

Vogl, Tomáš
Analýza vlastností usměrňovačů

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of the properties of rectifiers. The main problems of rectifiers are the negative effects of rectifiers, such as non-harmonic currents distorting the harmonic input current and ripple of the output current and voltage at the&#...

Čavajda, Pavel
Analýza spotřeb pomocných pohonů elektrického vlaku

The presented master thesis aims to analyze the behavior of auxiliary electrical equipment of the train, which are powered mainly by auxiliary converters. The beginning of the work is focused on the types of auxiliary consumption that are necessary for the proper functioning of...

Goran, Petr
Identifikace matematického modelu trakční baterie

The presented thesis is focused on the identification of a simple mathematic model of a lithium traction battery. The model was determined based on a series of battery cell measurements. The measurements mainly took into account changes in the discharge current and temperature. Bas...

Štěpánek, Petr
Simulace elektrického pohonu s otevřeným vinutím napájeného dvojicí napěťových střídačů

The subject of the work is a vector PWM for a common load-pairing inverter, such as open-wound motors, where each winding side is powered by one 3f inverter. It is not necessary to have a motor in the load

Ledvina, Vlastimil
Vliv tvaru pole na ztráty v magnetickém obvodu PMSM

Iterative design of a synchronous machine with permanent magnets in a rotor was performer in this thesis. Rotor was designed with surface mounted magnets and then replaced with an equivalent rotor with "V" shaped magnets. FEM simulation was performer in order to&#...

Macháček, Martin
Třífázová nabíječka baterií

Thesis describes the construction of a three-phase charger prototype for charging the e-formula traction battery. The thesis includes an introduction of the charger topology, a proposal of ideal parameters of the resonance circuit of the LLC converter, a description of the power circuit...

Valter, Ondřej
Srovnání aktivních usměrňovačů

This diploma thesis is focused on active rectifiers used in power electronics. There are two types of active rectifiers, which use transistors as switching components. The first converter is called Smart Line Module. It works as a standard diode rectifier in the rectifier operation...

Rollinger, Ondřej
Tepelný a ventilační výpočet asynchronního trakčního motoru

The subject of this diploma thesis is calculation and analysis of temperature distribution in 100 kW asynchronous machine. The calculation is done by two methods. On the one hand, the method of the substitute heat network and on the other hand, the finite element method. ...

Sobotka, Lukáš
Vliv provozních parametrů na oteplení PMSM motoru

The master theses present the simulation of warming of a synchronous machine with a permanent magnet in term of his load. The Machine model based on the real motor with parameters: P=35kW, U=248V, n=9000ot/min, IM 3001, IP44, IC00. The first Chapter is dedicated to the&#x...

Kopačka, Jan
Návrh synchronního reluktančního motoru s permanentními magnety

The main objective of this thesis is focused on electromagnetic design of permanent magnet assisted synchronous reluctance machine (PMASR). The introductory part introduces the reader to the problematic PMASR function. The electromagnetic design is solved analytically, and then the f...

Kaska, Jan
Optimalizace rotoru reluktančního motoru

This thesis deals with shape and topology optimization of rotor for reluctance machine. In the first section the investigation of optimization algorithms, meta and surrogate models and methods of geometry formalization used in literature is done. The methods and algorithms are described ...

Kotek, Petr
Návrh pětifázového synchronního motoru s permanentními magnety

The presented thesis is focused on the design of a five-phase synchronous permanent magnet motor for electric and hybrid vehicles. First, the drives for electric and hybrid vehicles are theoretically described. Then a synchronous motor with permanent magnets is designed. Suggested�...

Straka, Miloš
Měnič pro symetrizaci odběru

This master thesis is focused on creating a model of converter for power symmetrization in MATLAB software. The first step was create model of voltage-source active rectifier with vector control. That model was afterwards improved to active filter converter and final modification is...

Friedlová, Simona
Synchronní pulzně šířková modulace pro výkonové měniče

This thesis is focused on the modulations of power converters, especially synchronous pulse width modulation. The first part deals with the basic concepts used in the field of modulation for control of power semiconductor inverters and the overview and description of the most well&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 116