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Rosůlek, Přemysl

Cabada, Ladislav
Česká politologie a Science Communication: výzvy a rizika

The aim of the contribution is to discuss the specific position of political science within the science communication approach and strategies. The political science seems to be overrepresented in the Czech public discourse and media, but the majority of such „political...

Tamchyna, Robert , Veverka, Luboš
Český rozhlas Leonardo a jeho role v popularizaci vědy

This paper describes Czech Radio Leonardo, which is a digital radio station focused on science and its popularization. The authors debate mainly its production, development and history. Text is based on quantitative data that characterize the station, its public media serv...

Rosůlek, Přemysl
Science communication, novináři a sociálně-vědní témata

The meaning of science communication became attractive in last decades of the 20th century. The scienctific journalism has followed this tendency. Various topic from the science appeared in the media. However, the agenda-setting pursuited by the media has not been always&#...

Moravec, Tomáš
Internet jako nástroj science communication

The paper presents internet as one of the basic tools for science communication. The web portals focusing on popularization or communication of science are gaining an increasing importance which is given by its easy accessibility. The world of internet represents more ...