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Sklenárová, Vieroslava , Medveď, Dušan , Kvakovský, Milan
Electricity from the sun: photovoltaic electricity

This paper deals with the form of renewable energy - solar energy through photovoltaic cells and modules. Materials presently used for photovoltaic include monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, microcrystalline silicon, cadmium telluride, and copper indium selenide/sulfide. Due to t...

Kvakovský, Milan , Sklenárová, Vieroslava , Medveď, Dušan
Heat pumps

Problems of heat pumps are kept under constant review. All from us are aware that energy prices are growing from one year to another. In this context many of us have found themselves the challenge to growing production costs and hot water heating in the house,...

Marci, Martin , Kušnír, Stanislav , Krištof, Vladimír , Csányi, Ľudovít , Katin, Matúš
Biomass a nd its utilization in conditions of Slovakia

According to the European Environment Agency, the use of biomass for clean energy generation in EU could be significantly increased in the next decades. There are a wide variety of biomass resources, including tree and grass crops and forestry, agricultural, and urban wastes...

Kušnír, Stanislav , Krištof, Vladimír , Marci, Martin , Katin, Matúš , Csányi, Ľudovít
Pumped storage hydro power plants in Slovak republic

This paper deals with pumped storage hydro power plants in the Slovak Republic. The aim of the paper is describe pumped storage hydro power plants, which are important to operate power system. They're a way of storing energy so that we can release it quickly&#x...

Krištof, Vladimír , Kušnír, Stanislav , Katin, Matúš , Csányi, Ľudovít , Marci, Martin
Hydro power plants in Slovak republic

This paper deals about hydro power plants in Slovak Republic. Hydro power plants are significant part of Slovakian power system. They are used to generation peak load, frequency regulation etc.. Hydropotential in Slovakia is used at 51%. Hydro power plants produce 21% of...

Katin, Matúš , Krištof, Vladimír , Kušnír, Stanislav , Csányi, Ľudovít , Marci, Martin
Solar energy

This article deals with the renewable energy sources. More concretely it deals with the solar energy and photovoltaic cells. The article describes inclusive flash history and distribution of solar devices. The principle of photovoltaic cell function and constructions is mentioned marg...

Csányi, Ľudovít , Krištof, Vladimír , Kušnír, Stanislav , Katin, Matúš , Marci, Martin
Geothermal energy

This paper deals with the use of geothermal resources for production of electricity energy. Next is technologies of changes geothermal energy into electrical energy, future of geothermal energy and advantages and disadvantages of geothermal energy.

Pausch, Nicole , Gemende, Bernhard , Gerbeth, Anja , Engelhardt, Arne , Haupt, Nadine , Leiker, Matthias
Untersuchungen zur Kompostierung von mit Härtebildnern bzw. Schwermetallen beladenen, chemisch modifizierten Naturfasermaterialien

Gerbeth, Anja , Gemende, Bernhard , Schwind, Martin , Bresinsky, Andreas von , Busse, Ralf - Peter
Nachhaltige Aquakultur: Erfahrungen aus dem Betrieb einer Fischzucht-Kreislaufanlage

Medveď, Dušan , Kvakovský, Milan , Sklenárová, Vieroslava
Latent heat storage systems

This paper deals with a latent heat storage system using Phase Change Materials (PCM) as an effective way of storing thermal energy (solar energy, off-peak electricity, industrial waste heat). It has the advantages of high storage density and the isothermal nature of the...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 30 of 30