Title: Artificial dielectric substrate for microwave applications
Authors: Macháč, Jan
Zehentner, Jan
Citation: AMTEE ’07 : seventh international conference on Advanced Methods in the Theory of Electrical Engineering : September 10-12, 2007 [Pilsen, Czech Republic].
Issue Date: 2007
Publisher: University of West Bohemia
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://amtee.zcu.cz/AMTEE/ArchivedProceedings/proceedings_AMTEE_2007/data/section_i.html
ISBN: 978-80-7043-564-9
Keywords: umělá dielektrikum;disperzní charakteristika;mikropáskové vedení;paralelní deskový vlnovod;periodická struktura
Keywords in different language: artificial dielectric;dispersion characteristic;microstrip line;parallel plate waveguide;periodic structure
Abstract in different language: This paper presents a new version of an artificial dielectric substrate. The substrate is fabricated as a 2D array of metallic posts separated from the top conductor by a thin dielectric slab. This structure can show a very high effective permittivity. This permittivity depends on the dimensions of the posts, the permittivity of a dielectric material filling the space between the posts, and on the top dielectric slab thickness and permittivity. The thinner is this slab and the higher is its permittivity the higher is the effective permittivity. This artificial dielectric substrate is suitable for designing the microstrip line and circuits based on it. Due to the high effective permittivity, a substantial reduction in the dimensions of microwave circuit elements is possible. The simple analytical model of this structure is presented. The microstrip line on the proposed substrate was fabricated and measured. The measured and calculated effective permittivity is in a good accord. The 3 dB coupler was designed, fabricated and measured by applying the microstrip line on this artificial dielectric substrate.
Rights: © University of West Bohemia
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