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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019The summary of the lessons on modeling the porcupine with children of middle preschool age with delayded psycho-speech developmentNozhnina, A.; Koval, O.; Akinina, E.B.
2018Parameter identification of linear mechanical systemGoga, Vladimír; Murín, Justín; Kutiš, Vladimír; Paulech, Juraj; Gálik, Gabriel
2013Simulation of quasi-periodic processes in dynamic systems based on optimization approachStakhiv, Petro; Byczkowska-Lipińska, Liliana; Spivak, Iryna; Kozak, Yuriy
2013Computational Problem of the Determinant Matrix CalculationDmytryshyn, Roman
2013Neurofeedback method – what might influence on therapy BFB resultsMatacz, Marcin; Niedbalski, Paweł; Filipowicz, Stefan F.
2013Multi-criteria optimization of quality and reliability providing processes of electronic devicesBobalo, Jury; Nedostup, Leonid; Kiselychnyk, Myroslav; Melen, Myhaylo; Zayarnyuk, Pavlo
2018Study of mixed mode crack propagation in pipe type specimenSlávik, Ondrej; Hutař, Pavel; Berer, Michael; Gosch, Anja; Arbeiter, Florian; Náhlík, Luboš
2018The dynamic behavior of the fast rotating system in dependence on operating parameters of bearing supportsRendlová, Zdeňka
2013Research of Self-Contained Induction Generator Characteristics During Direct Current Consumers SupplyZagirnyak, Mykhaylo; Zachepa, Iurii; Chenchevoi, Vladimir; Svystun, Anton
2013Using Z-transform for solution of steady state and transient state in single-phase voltage inverter systemBeňová, Mariana; Dobrucký, Branislav