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Recent Submissions

Gvozdevskaia, Galina
Japanese traditional music and the possibilities of its use in music education in Europe

This article analyzes of philosophical approaches and methods of teaching musical instruments at traditional Japanese schools. These approaches have a long history within the Japanese Iemoto system. This study’s author highlights several similarities between some conceptual settings of the Japanese&#x...

Gvozdevskaia, Galina
Hudební výchova na všeobecně vzdělávacích školách v Japonsku

The article analyses the Japanese teaching music system: a unique methodological experience that allows all students to master musical notation, the skill of recorder or harmonica playing, and to achieve a high level of ensemble music-making. The article also recommends organizing various&#x...

Gvozdevskaia, Galina
Metody` podderzhaniya psikhicheskoj aktivnosti obuchayushhikhsya pri osvoenii muzy`kal`ny`kh instrumentov v rezhime onlajn (na primere fortepiano)

Aschenbrenner, Vít
Václav Pavlas (1752–1835), Rector Chori děkanského kostela Narození Panny Marie (1785–1795)

Václav led the musical choir of the dean's church of Nativity of the Virgin Mary in Klatovy in the years 1785-1795. On the basis of the sources, Pavlas' family background, the spectrum of his musical and organizational duties within the framework of his work in th...

Bláha, Jaroslav
Richard Wagner a Honoré Daumier. Expresivní realismus v opeře a malbě

This study focuses on the culmination of the reform of opera in Richard Wagner's musical drama with an emphasis on the symbiosis of realism and expressionism and the unity of the total artwork (Gesamkunstwerk) from the bel canto opera in the first third of the 19th&#x...