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Vyčichlo, Jiří
Dušan UHLÍŘ Čas kongresů a tajných společností Praha: Epocha 2017 ISBN 978-80-7557-087-1, 440 pages

Civínová, Pavlína
Emidio DIODATO, Federico NIGLIA Italy in International Relations. The Foreign Policy Conundrum London: Palgrave Macmillan 2017 ISBN 978-3-319-55062-6, 123 pages

Pawłowska, Aneta
A concise history of women originating from the city of Lodz acting either as Flâneuses or women artists, at the beginning of modern era until the end of worldwar II. an attempt of re-interpretation of the literary and art history canon

The purpose of this paper is an attempt of re-interpretation of the literary and art history canon in the context of female writers and visual artists living in Lodz. The idea of the flâneur was developed by a German Walter Benjamin in the 1920s and 1930s during ...

Gulyás, László
From the North-East Felvidék to Podkarpatská Rus (Kárpátalja), with special regard to the activity of Masaryk and Beneš

In 1918–1919 the purest region of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy joined to the Czechoslovak Republic from the Hungarian Kingdom. At the first sight this was a simple proceeding. But according to our opinion in fact, the 1918–1919 developments in the history of the North-Eastern Felv...

Adeyeri, Olusegun
Pax Britannica, security and Akoko resettlement, 1897–1960

British-inspired peace (Pax-Britannica) after 1897 terminated the spectre of widespread warfare, brigandage, insecurity and instability that pervaded Yorubaland, southwest Nigeria throughout the nineteenth century. The Akoko of northeast Yorubaland, like other Yoruba sub-groups, experienced their fair share of&...

Miele, Matteo
The British expedition to Sikkim of 1888: the bhutanese role

In 1888, a British expedition in the southern Himalayas represented the first direct confrontation between Tibet and a Western power. The expedition followed the encroachment and occupation, by Tibetan troops, of a portion of Sikkim territory, a country led by a Tibetan Buddhist mo...

Dobkowska-Kubacka, Joanna
“Female issue”: polemics about working women in the Kingdom of Poland in the period after the suppression of the january uprising (1864) and the outbreak of the great war (1914)

Women’s right to work or, more widely, challenging the established social role of women was not a brand-new topic in the Kingdom of Poland during the 1860s. It had been discussed before on the public forum. However, after the fiasco of the January Uprising (1864), those&#...

Stůj, Pavel
Gender and infanticide in early modern Bohemia: the case of Elisabeth Symandlin, 1707–1710

The interrogation reports documenting a case of Elisabeth Symandlin, a young maidservant from south Bohemia who was investigated for suspicion of infanticide between the years 1707–1710, offer a unique opportunity for a research on the history of everyday life in the town of Jindˇr...

Urban, Martin
The tradition of examining the effect of the natural environment on human society, or environmental determinism in pre-modern history

The issue of the effect of the natural environment on human society has been (and still is being) an important topic in geographical literature since ancient times. Scholars have queried to what degree natural conditions influence the human population, its character and history, fo...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 9 z 9