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Majdi, M. R. , null, null , Ghobadi, M. , Danaee, I. , Zarezadeh, A. , Saebnoori, E. , Chocholatý, Ondřej , Bahrami, P. N.
Evaluation of the Ability of ANFIS and SVMR Models to Predict the Corrosion Inhibition of Cerium Conversion Coating

This work investigates the inhibition effect of cerium conversion coating on various aluminium alloys. Two different computational methods, ANFIS (adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system) and SVMR (support vector machine regression) were developed to predict the inhibitory power of coated Al-alloys.&...

Brůha, Tomáš , Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav
Investigation of Low-Frequency Phenomena within Flow Pattern in Standard Mixing Vessel Induced by Pitched Blade Impeller

An experimental study on the flow pattern dynamics in a standard mixing vessel with radial baffles filled with water and induced by a pitched blade impeller pumping downward is presented. Investigation is mainly focused on detection and analysis of quasi-periodical or periodical low-fre...

Michálek, Petr , Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav , Stanislav, Pospíšil
Influence of surface roughness on the wake structure of a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 5× 103 to 12× 103

The flow around roughened circular cylinders and the wake behind them were studied in a wind tunnel flow using the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) method. The Reynolds number ranged from 5140 to 11800, and the real diameter of the cylinders including surface roughness ranged ...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Sedlář, Milan , Komárek, Martin , Duda, Daniel
Experimental and Numerical Study on Vortical Structures and Their Dynamics in a Pump Sump

Research on water flow in a pump inlet sump is presented. The main effort has been devoted to the study of the vortical structures’ appearance and their behavior. The study was conducted in a dedicated model of the pump sump consisting of a rectangular tank 1272 ×&#x...

Demianenko, Maryna , Volf, Michal , Banias, Myron , Starynskyi, Oleksandr
Numerically modelling temperature deformations and stresses in the exhaust system of a gas compressor unit

During the operation of a gas compressor unit, the temperature of the exhaust system can cause failure or burnout of the inner facing sheets of the unit. The article describes a technique for determining the maximum temperature deformations of these elements. The technique enables&...