Biomechanické modely lidského těla / Biomechanical models of human body


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Li, Haiyan , Lv, Wenle , Hynčík, Luděk , Zhou, Bingbing , Zhao, Hongqian , Cui, Shihai , He, Lijuan , Ruan, Shijie
Injury study of the 6-year-old pediatric thorax and abdomen in frontal sled tests using different computational models

The correct use of Child Restraint System (CRS) is an internationally recognized effective measure to protect the safety of child occupants, which can reduce the probability of children's road traffic accident death by 54%-80%. Finite element (FE) study is one of the important ...

Špička, Jan , Čermák, Martin
Forensic Analysis and a New Investigation into the Death of the Czechoslovak Minister of Foreign Affairs in 1948

This paper describes the political, social and historical situation in Czechoslovakia in the year 1948 when the body of the minister of foreign affairs was found in the courtyard of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs at Černín Palace. His death is still unresolved and several...

Mertl, Jiří
Prison employment and its conflict with therapeutic and counselling programmes: The experiences of Czech prison personnel

The study investigates a specific issue in the Czech prison system: the conflict between prison employment and therapeutic/counselling programmes offered. Drawing on 55 semi-structured interviews with specialized prison personnel from 10 Czech prisons, I argue that prison employment is disproport...

Sellke, Lina , Patan-Zugaj, Bianca , Ludewig, Eberhard , Cimrman, Robert , Witter, Kirsti
Comparison of Six Different Methods for Measuring the Equine Hoof and Recording of its Three-Dimensional Conformation

Different measuring techniques have been used to objectify the classification of hoof shape. The MicroScribe is a novel tool that might prove useful for measuring hooves without prior reconstruction or compensation of projection artefacts. The aim of this study was to compare biometric&...

Cimrman, Robert
Leveraging Python tensor contraction packages for evaluating finite element weak forms

A new implementation of finite element matrix evaluation functions in the finite element code SfePy is introduced, leveraging several Python tensor contraction packages that implement a general function for evaluating expressions given using the Einstein summation convention. An example of the&#x...