Title: Implementation Of Automated System For The Reservoir 66 of the Irrigation System Chambo Guano
Authors: Silva, C. Angel
Asanza, Victor
Sánchez, Nathaly
Arias, Juan
Citation: 2020 International Conference on Applied Electronics: Pilsen, 8th – 9h September 2020, Czech Republic.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: konferenční příspěvek
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/39921
ISBN: 978-80-261-0891-7 (Print)
978-80-261-0892-4 (Online)
ISSN: 1803-7232 (Print)
1805-9597 (Online)
Keywords: automatizace;řízení;ovladač;účinnost;škálovatelnost;standard;monitoring;mechanismus;Profinet;Red GSM;průmyslová síť;zavlažovací systém;dálkové ovládání;ventil;programovatelná logika
Keywords in different language: automation;control;controller;programmable logic;efficiency;scalability;standard;monitoring;mechanism;Profinet;Red GSM;industrial network;irrigation system;remote control;valve
Abstract in different language: This paper presents the control and monitoring of an automated system that is being implemented for the automation of a 66-irrigation reservoir located in Chambo Guano in the Chimborazo province, Ecuador. The Global System for Mobile communication / General Packet Radio Service (GSM) is used through a Long-Term Evolution (4G LTE) antenna and a communication module connected to a Programable Logic Controller (PLC) in order to notify the status of the valves, electric power troubles and the control signals for the correct operation of the irrigation system, so it can be done remotely. This project reflects how it is possible to obtain an efficient automated system with lower operating costs compared to the traditional and more importantly without having to move personnel to the control point for adjusting new conditions.
Rights: © Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
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