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Versal, Nataliia , Balytska, Mariia , Honchar, Ihor , Erastov, Vasyl
Financial literacy and financial well-being: the case of Eastern, Central, and Northern Europe

Nowadays, financial literacy is an integral part of education in many countries because of its positive influence on financial inclusion, and financial well-being of households is supposed. In this study, attention is focused on finding out which components of financial literacy ...

Šetek, Jaroslav , Alina, Jiří , Edrová, Petra
Implementation of the circular economy in agricultural production and the position of the countryside to strengthen national energy security

Especially in connection with the crisis events of February 24, 2022 (aggression of the Russian Federation in Ukraine), the importance of ensuring national energy security is growing within the economic policy of the state. The restructuring of the energy system is also rela...

Šebístková, Michaela , Vrchota, Jaroslav , Řehoř, Petr , Maříková, Monika , Klarner, Lukáš
Staff competences for the position of independent accoutant

Nowadays, a considerable amount of accounting companies are presented mainly by their financial results, good reputation and customer satisfaction. These aspects can be easily improved through soft or hard competencies that are specific among individual employees within the accounti...

Stromská, Kristýna , Prešnajderová, Tereza
Intergenerational analysis of consumer attitudes on the ecological dental supplies market

This paper deals with the analysis of consumer attitudes on the ecological dental supplies market. The main goal is to identify and describe the attitude differences between distinct age groups (Generation Y and Generation Z). The study is based on a survey using the&#x...

Rotenbornová, Lucie , Egerová, Dana
Organisational climate: Employee perspective

Organizational climate is regarded as a core predictor of employee behaviour and organisational success. The purpose of the study is to explore the most positive and negative dimensions of organisational climate in four banks in the Czech Republic from the point of view of the...